Model Builder: Craig Bradshaw

Construction: Carbon Fiber Composite

Year Built: 2014

Motor: Himax 3630-1500 Brushless

Radio: Specktrum DX6i

Electronic Speed Controller: Turnigy Aquastar 120

Propeller: Gruapner K45

Paint Colors: Mahogany, White Red and Blue

Graphics:  Screen Printed Vinyl by Jeff Ross


Notes about the Model:  This is a model of the second Miss U.S. 1 as she appeared in Seattle for the 1959 Gold Cup. This arguably the best looking version of this boat.


Notes about the Real Boat:  The second Miss U.S. 1 replaced the first Miss U.S.1 in 1957. Like the first hull, she was designed by Dan Arena for owner George Simon of Detroit, was built by Les Staudacher and raced out of the Detroit Yacht Club. The 30 foot hull was originally powered by an Allison engine but switched to a Rolls Royce Merlin Engine mid-way through the 1958 season. With her upgraded power plant and new driver Don Wilson replacing Fred Alter, she won the International Cup, Elizabeth City, N.C. in 1958; the President's Cup; the Governor's Cup; and the Sahara Cup, and placed second in 1958 National High Point Standings.


Notes about 2016:  It was constructed as a new boat for 2015. Boat was damaged during the 2015 Governor’s Cup and arrangements have been made to build a brand new U1 for 2016.


1959 U-2 Miss U.S. 1

Owner: Ron Daum
Driver(s): Ron Daum
1959 Miss U.S. 1

1959 Miss U.S. 1

1959 Miss U.S. 1

1959 Miss U.S. 1

1959 Miss U.S. 1

1959 Miss U.S. 1