Model Builder: John Earnest and Kerry Kjos

Construction: Carbon Fiber

Year Built: 2008

Motor: Himax 3630-1500

Radio: Futaba 2.4G

Electronic Speed Controller: Castle Creations - ETTI - 

Propeller: Various

Paint Colors: Persimmon, White

Graphics: Craig Bradshaw


Notes about the Model: Built in 2008 by John Earnest, rebuilt numerous times since by Kerry. Won a couple races, then in 2014, won 8 races to be the High Point boat in the Vintage class. Fast, consistent, and very scale looking ,the 1960 Thriftway mirrors the real boat in every way!


Notes about the Real Boat: Built in 1959, the last Thriftway was the most successful. Two Gold Cups, 14 race victories, and a record 55 consecutive heats without a mechanical breakdown. The U-60 was retired after the 1963 Seafair Race, but lives and runs exibitions today, thanks to the Hydroplane Raceboat Museum in Seattle, Wa.


Notes about 2015: A new 1960 Miss Thriftway, has been built, but needs final paint and installations to be ready to replace the current hull.

1960 U-60 Miss Thriftway

Owner: Kerry Kjos
Driver(s): Kerry Kjos and David Newton