Model Builder: John Earnest/Brian Buaas

Construction: Carbon Fiber Composite

Year Built: 2016

Motor: Himax 3630-1500

Radio: Futaba

Electronic Speed Controller: SeaKing 180

Propeller: Several Differant Ones

Paint Colors: Mahogany, Metalic Blue and Yellow

Graphics: Battle Ground Printing


Notes about the Model: Minor changes to the hull from Supertest II. It is different then the usual GALE V. We will see which boat proves better.


Notes about the Real Boat: Built in 1961 as Miss Lumberville and raced in 2 races. In 1962 it became Dewey's Lumberville and ran in one race. After going through several owners it came to the Race Boat Museum. The hull was painted up as Nitrogen and a stand in the movie Miss Madison. Now it is open for rides as Oh! Boy Oberto.


Notes about 2016: New boat we will see how it does.

1961 U-33 Dewey’s Lumberville

Owner: John Earnest
Driver(s): John Earnest
Lumberville - 1963

Lumberville - 1963

U-33 Miss Lumberville

U-33 Miss Lumberville

U-33 Miss Lumberville

U-33 Miss Lumberville