Model Builder: Craig Bradshaw of West Coast Custom Boats

Construction: Carbon Fiber Composite

Year Built: 2016

Motor: Himax 3630-1500 Brushless

Radio: Specktrum

Electronic Speed Controller: Castle Hydra 120

Propeller: Anything not bent

Paint Colors: Metallic Blue and Ivory

Graphics: Thunderboat Graphics


Notes about the Model:  The Blue Chip Boat was built out of a new mold for 2016.


Notes about the Real Boat: A new Staudacher hull for Dick and Paul Gordon, owners of Fairlane Tools, to start out the 1965 race season. The beautiful blue and ivory boat was named after the color of the chips on the floor after hard cutting and the shape of the metal off the lathe. She was called the Blue Chip. Powered by an Allison that had been modified to run on a Merlin after cooler. The Blue Chip only ran four races in 1965 with a best finish of fifth at the Spirit of Detroit race. In 1966 the boat was sold to Larid Pierce and Earl Noyes to then become the U-8 Miss Dixie Cola.


Notes about 2016: A New Hull designed just for the 2016 FE Nationals.

1965 U-80 Blue Chip

Owner: Craig Bradshaw
Driver(s): Craig Bradshaw