1968 U-1 Miss Bardahl

Owner: Rick Evans
Driver(s): Len Taylor

Model Builder: Craig Bradshaw

Construction: Carbon Fiber Composite

Year Built: 2018

Motor: Dynamite 3835

Radio: Specktrum

Electronic Speed Controller: Hobbywing

Propeller: Hopefully something not bent ...

Paint Colors: Yellow and Black

Graphics:  Thunderboat Graphics


Notes about the Model:  Brand new boat this year. Time to work the kinks out and get it running with the competition.

Notes about the Real Boat:  Billy Schumacher piloted the boat in 1968, as it ran in all ten races that season. It captured four victories in Madison (WI), Madison (IN), Coeur d'Alene, and Detroit (the Gold Cup). The boat captured the championship over the My Gypsy.

Notes about 2018:  Looking for it to be a competitive boat in 2019.