Model Builder: Jeff Campbell

Construction: Carbon Fiber Composite

Year Built: 2008

Motor: Himax 3630-1500 

Radio: Specktrum 

Electronic Speed Controller: Castle Hydra 120

Propeller: Octura X447R

Paint Colors: Gold and Blue

Graphics: Cut Vinyl Graphics


Notes about the Model:  The sponsor was Charlie's Girl comedy club in Seattle. It was powered by a big block V-8. Although the boat was light, it was either under powered or had a totally wrong set up. The boat never qualified in the original set up but the the Evans brothers converted it to Allison power and although it was not competitive, it ran far better. It had several sponsors, a couple that come to mind was Century 21 Realestate and Mark and Pack stores in Eastern, Washington. I chose the boat as my grandson's name is Charlie.


Notes about the Real Boat: See "Notes about the Model."


Notes about 2016: No Information Provided.

1977 U-4 Charlie's Girl

Owner: Bill Smiley
Driver(s): Bill Smiley
1977 U-4 Charlie's Girl

1977 U-4 Charlie's Girl