Model Builder: Campbell Boatworks

Construction: Carbon Fiber Composite

Year Built: 2004, Rebuilt in 2015

Motor: Himax 3630-1500 

Radio: Specktrum

Electronic Speed Controller: Turnigy 120

Propeller: Octura X447R

Paint Colors: White with Red Trim

Graphics: Vinyl by Jeff Ross


Notes about the Model:  This is a real steady running boat that made its first appearance as Miss Vernors in 2004. Through the years, this hull has been a great “first boat” for many different racers. Those who’ve driven it before Mick include Steve Twardus, Gary Hansen, Henry Marvin and Ron Hartley. In 2015, Mick converted it to the 1978 Miss Circus Circus.


Notes about the Real Boat:  This boat was built in 1974 for Leslie Rosenberg, who raced it as Valu-Mart (1974), Weisfield’s (1975) and Olympia Beer (1976). In 1977 the boat was sold to Bernie Little, who campaigned it as the Anheuser-Busch Natural Light. In 1979, it made its only appearance as the first Miss Circus Circus in San Diego.


Notes about 2018: Mick expects to have this boat on the circuit by mid-season.

1978 U-31 Miss Circus Circus

Owner: Mick Shutt, Vancouver, Washington
Driver(s): Mick Shutt