Model Builder: John Earnest and Brian Buaas

Construction: Carbon Fiber Composite

Year Built: 2014

Motor: Himax 3630-1500

Radio: Futaba

Electronic Speed Controller: Turnigy 180

Propeller: X457

Paint Colors: Red, Green, White

Graphics: Jeff Ross


Notes about the Model: Brian Buaas let me borrow his mold to lay up the Oberto. The hull was designed to be close to scale with no extras added.


Notes about the Real Boat: The real boat ran for the first time in Tri Cities in 1982. In Seattle it got a DNQ, then became many other names and owners.


Notes about 2015: Brian Buaas took it to the straight line in California and set the NAMBA modern record of 68+ mph.

1982 U-55 Oh Boy! Oberto

Owner: Brad Lewis
Driver(s): John Earnest, Brad Lewis and Brian Buaas