1984 U-40 Miss Houston

Owner: Jerry Dunlap
Driver: Bill Mowatt

Model Builder: Jerry Dunlap

Construction: Wood over foam

Year Built: 2019

Motor: Himax 3630-1500

Radio: Futaba

Electronic Speed Controller: SeaKing 150

Propeller: ABC 17-15

Paint Colors: White

Graphics: Press on from Mike McKnight


Notes about the Model: The wood over foam version of an 8255 hull was built in an attempt to make a a "better mouse trap" than my ML BoatWorks BOAT. The result was I just built another "mouse trap".


Notes about the Real Boat: The real boat ran for the first time in Tri Cities in 1982. In Seattle it got a DNQ, then became many other names and owners.


Notes about 2015: The Miss Houston driven by Bill Mowatt performed well at the first two races at Lacey. Hopefully, there will be an opportunity to race again in 2020.

Miss Houston 4

Miss Houston 4