1985 U-100 Boat

Owner: Jerry Dunlap (Lakewood, WA)
Driver(s): Jerry & Paul Dunlap

Model Builder:  ML Boatworks 8255 Kit build by Jerry Dunlap

Construction: Aircraft grade plywood & epoxy glues

Year Built: 2019

Motor: Himax 3630-1500

Radio: Futaba 3PK

Electronic Speed Controller: SeaKing 150

Propeller: ABC 1917-19

Paint Colors: All White - It is the BOAT

Graphics: Press on numbers


Notes about the Model: The BOAT was selected because Jerry didn't want to spend money on graphics.


Notes about the Real Boat: Coming soon


Notes about 2019: The BOAT only made 5 races in 2019 and suffered from drive line failures. The goal for 2020 is to finish heats. Paul Dunlap will drive a majority of the races this season.



The BOAT 081 (2)

The BOAT 081 (2)

The BOAT 067 (3)

The BOAT 067 (3)