1987 U-2 Oh Boy! Oberto

Owners: Nelson and Susanne Holmberg
Drivers: Nelson and Susanne Holmberg

Model Builder: Craig Bradshaw and Nelson Holmberg

Construction: Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass

Year Built: 2012

Motor: Himax 3630-1500

Radio: Spektrum

Electronic Speed Controller: Aquatech 120

Propeller: Octura 447R

Paint Colors:  White, Green,  Red

Graphics: Vinyl by Nelson Holmberg


Notes about the Model: This boat started out in Nelson Holmberg’s shop in 2012 when he purchased the hull only from Craig Bradshaw with the intent of building the Sutphen Spirit. Nelson sold it to Al Kinsman, who built a cowl for the boat to make it the Competition Specialties. Nelson bought the boat back from Al in November 2016 and continued the path to completing the hull as Competition Specialities. It’s the same model as the first RC boat Nelson ever owned. After two years as the Competition Specialties, Nelson converted the hull to the 1987 Oh Boy! Oberto in order to compete in ERCU's classic class.


Notes about the Real Boat: The real U-2 started its life as Fran Muncey's 1982 Atlas Van Lines and was eventually sold to Bob Steil of The Squire Shop prior to the 1984 season. After The Squire Shop left the sport, the hull was sold to Jim Harvey, who ran it for a number of years under different sponsors, configurations and powerplant platforms. The 1987 version was the first year that Oberto Sausage Company sponsored Harvey's team. George Woods Jr. drove the boat. In 1988, the team switched the format to one that switched back and forth between turbines and Merlins. This experiment lasted just one year before the team went to a full-time turbine program.


Notes about 2020:  Nelson intends to run more races during the 2020 season, and will compete in all three classes (vintage, classic and modern) with three different Oberto boats .

1/10 scale 1987 Oh Boy! Oberto

1/10 scale 1987 Oh Boy! Oberto

1987 Oh Boy! Oberto at San Diego

1987 Oh Boy! Oberto at San Diego

1987 Oh Boy! Oberto at Seattle

1987 Oh Boy! Oberto at Seattle