Model Builder: Henry Marvin/John Williams

Construction: Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass

Year Built: 2010

Motor: Himax 3630-1500

Radio: Spektrum

Electronic Speed Controller: Turnigy 120

Propeller: CNC 2 and 3 Blades

Paint Colors: Yellow, White

Graphics: Vinyl by Jeff Ross


Notes about the Model: Bought as a pair with the 1971 Miss Madison from John Williams, this model as proved to be an outstanding entry into modern hulls.  Easy to drive, fast, and has shown it can win if given the chance.  Hull has been refurbished and now is the ride of young Walter Roberts for his bid into faster modern hulls as well.  Vital part of Team Madison history and future.


Notes about the Real Boat: Originally built with piston power in late 80's, became turbine powered in 90's under many names.  It ran as Frosted Flakes, Dewalt, Holset miss Madison, Oh boy oberto in 2000's.  Became a static display after the new Oberto hull was built in 2007.  Mike Hanson kept the boat competitive for many years.  In 2011 it was purchased from the City of Madison and now is apart of Webster Racing.


Notes about 2015: No Information Submitted.

1999 U-6 Miss Madison

Owner: Nelson Holmberg
Driver(s): Nelson Holmberg