We have scheduled the next club meeting on April 4, 2015 at 11am for Board meeting and general club meeting at 1:00pm to 2:30pm at the Hydroplane Museum. This will be a short meeting to tie up any loose ends or questions before the 2015 season starts. Please use this time to get your boats inspected before the rush at the first race you attend this season.  Boats must be registered and inspected prior to your boats first heat.  We still need CDs for the remaining races.  Please email Craig or myself and let us know.


Also, under the "Schedule" section, there is a slightly revised race date calendar.  Note the change of April 18th for Jack Regas Memorial at Waughop. Also, time permitting this season, we will try to have an outlaw class for fun during lunch or after finals and before trophies.  Any hull on hull roster will work and its unlimited motors with vintage and modern running together on 4s lipo.  For more info, contact your secretary, Jimmejames Cusworth.


If there are any email changes or anyone that needs adding or removed, please let me know so I can keep this current.


That's all for now, hope to see you all at the meeting or at the races!


Ron F

Chairman ERCU 2015

March 2015 - Chairman's Chatter

February 2015 - Chairman's Chatter

Saturday, 7th of February at the HARM museum we will have the Roger Newton Memorial.  We would like to have as many 1/10th scale boats in the same section as possible tomorrow.  We will have tables setup, come bring anything you are working on to the show and help promote the hobby!  Starts at 10am to 4pm.  We will be conducting boat inspections, so bring your boats and get that out of the way for the 2015 season.

Attached is the schedule for this coming season. Please look it over as we still need up to 8 CDs for races.  Please relay to a board member that you wish to CD a race.  Trophies will already be done, so just need someone to do minor coordination at the races to keep things going.  Thanks to the members who have already stepped up to help so we can race this year.

Our website, ERCU is down and will be moving here soon.  Gabe Kjos is diligently working on restoring our website, so don't be surprised if we ask for pictures and boat bios for each of your boats.

Our next meeting will probably be in March.


Looking forward to the season.

Ron F.
2015 Chairman

January 2015 - Chairman's Chatter

April 2015 - Chairman's Chatter

Racing season is upon us!  Starting this Saturday at Ft. Borst is the Champion Spark Plug Regatta.  Times are the usual setup at 8am, 9am starts registrations and open testing once course is set.  Drivers meeting at 1030 with race at 11am.  Details are on our new website, http://www.ercu-hydros.com/.  Use the drop down to find the current schedule as well as each races details.  Remember, no boats will be able to run if they have not been registered AND inspected prior to running in the heats.  Please get with the inspectors prior to the start of racing.


Triple Crown Series will kick off this Sunday as well, so should be a fun filled weekend coming up.  Our next two club races will come up right after that on April 19th and April 26th.   


Our webmaster, Gabe, needs boat bios for active boats.  Please specify whether its vintage or modern and include pictures of model and or real boat.  Go to the Boats section of the webpage and fill out the form for your particular hull.


The Contest Board has accepted a proposition to place a bid for the 2016 FE nationals at Twin Lakes, Marysville.  The time frame is around August of 2016, so more on this as that date gets closer.


Please keep checking the website for updates.


See you at the races!!


Ron F.

Chairman 2015 



We are already 3 races into the season and its looking good.  New website, new race venues and already 3 different winners in each class heading into the 4th race on May 17th in Longview.  The CD, Brad Lewis, has planned a fun day for those in attendance in addition to our regular racing, so come on out and join us.


Our ERCU website, managed by Gabe, is looking better and better every time its updated. So any suggestions please send them to Gabe.  Also, please update your boat bios and get those submitted to the website or webmaster.


If anyone has a perpetual trophy that we use currently, please get it to a member or board member so we can give those out to the winners.  We are looking for the Modern Seafair trophy, so please tell us if you have it or any other current perpetual trophy.


That's all for now, hope to see you at the races!


Please keep checking the website for updates.


Ron F.

Chairman 2015 

May 2015 - Chairman's Chatter

June 2015 - Chairman's Chatter

As I write this, we are halfway through our 2015 season. Only 8 more races to go of the 16 scheduled.  We have had some great racing and the boats get faster as we push the limits of new propellers and battery technology.  With that being said, we are low on boats and people showing up to the races.  I believe that the ERCU boat count is lower than last year and the year previously.   My question(s) to the members with boats registered (roughly 31) are: What is keeping you from joining us this year versus previous years?  What can we do to see you regularly show up for a good time in racing the boats we all know and love?  Is it schedule conflicts, vacations, race sites, taking a break, etc.? With 16 races scheduled, it 'should' be easier to make a race or hopefully more over the course of the season. If you could, please email myself or anyone on the Board and let us know what has kept you from joining us this season. 


Our new website just gets better with the help of Gabe Kjos as webmaster.  With Instagram feeds showing our boats in action as well as race updates, it just adds to the experience we see on race day.  He is still working on getting all the information that was on the old site.  If you haven't already, please update your registered boat bio so people from around the country can see it.  If you have any equipment for sale, get with Gabe and he will post it as he did for the $Bill that is currently up for purchase.   We also have a Facebook account which is updated on race results and point standings.  Please hit 'like' for ERCU Hydros on the link from the main website page.


In the news, our very own Secretary Jimmejames Cusworth in his 2011 Valken attempted to break the two lap record this past weekend at Lake Waughop.  The Valken was less than a second, possibly tenths or hundredths off of the current record when on a hot lap the pole containing the lap counting sensor 'leapt' out to snag his left sponson and ruining what looked like a record breaking run.  If anyone has seen this boat go, you know Jimmejames and the Valken deserve it.  He is currently working on repairs and hope to see them at the next race.


Speaking of next race, ERCU second half season opener will begin this Saturday, June 20th at Horseshoe Lake in Woodland WA for the Silver Cup title.  Hope to see you there and in the future! 


Your's truly,

Ron Forister


October 2015 Chairman's Chatter


ERCU members,


Well, the 2015 racing season is now over with the completion of the Gold Cup at Lake Silverado.  Points should be posted and race recap on website once webmaster is back from vacation.  It has been a fun and long season, kudos to those that showed up to race through out the year to help keep the fun going.


Since its the off season, start thinking about anything that needs to be fixed or changed at the club meetings. Club meetings will probably be at least once a month and we look forward to conversing with those bringing good ideas regarding format, race site, rules, etc to the table.  Meeting dates will be sent out via email and on website.


Board member nominations concluded with 3 members stepping up to fill the open three slots.  Teresa Payne, Robbie Roberts and John Earnest have signed up to fill the required terms and we should help them make it a better season yet in 2016.  Congrats!


The 2015 ERCU Awards Banquet is now scheduled for 7pm (social hour starts 630) November 14 at Golden Steer in Kent WA, last years location at 23826 104th Ave Se, Kent WA 98031.  Jesse Robertson, Unlimited driver for Graham Trucking and one of our own in ERCU, will be our guess speaker.  Food choices will be forthcoming as well as prices.  Hope to have a good time along with some hydroplane trivia.


That's it for now, I will update everyone via email and Gabe through website on food choices.  Hope to see several die hards at the last TCS race that was rescheduled for October 25 at Woodland pond in Lacey, WA. - Ron Forister


August 2015 Chairman's Chatter


ERCU Members,


We are on a well deserved break to enjoy some real hydro racing with Gold Cup and Seafair.  Hope everyone is enjoying that and our intense racing season!  Only 4 races to go including the Gold Cup at the end to decide it all.  Coming up after Seafair is the Roger Newton Memorial race CD'd by the man himself, David Newton.  If you haven't noticed, we will have pizza for those that email David in advance. This race will also be joint race with the 1/7th scale ESU club, using their equipment and takes the burden off of our trailer crew. Then we have a huge club break until our Lacey race in September.  If you cant wait that long, we are hosting the second Triple Crown series at Waughop on 23rd of August. TCS is a way to race with others that you don't normally do from Classic Thunder and PSFE and have a relaxed good time doing it.


After receiving a little feedback regarding the schedule of 16 races this year, it sounds like our Race Coordinator is thinking of 2 races per month for around 12 races in 2016 season.  After good feedback from Curt Kennedy at Alice Joy pond in Snohomish, we may have up to 3 free races there next year which will go a long way to help the club finances.


If you read the excellent website, you know that we have a new member over from RCU fame. Geoffry Grembowski bought Jim Latimers '67 $ Bill for his first adventure into 1/10th scale vintage.  He will race with us at the September Lacey race and with his background I expect some hard fun racing with him in the future!  He is also an excellent spotter, and I call dibs! ;0)  Jim Latimer bought the 1964 Harrah's Tahoe Miss and really liked its handling out the box as the BLM race. Looking forward to GJL taking some 1st's in the future. Young Walter Roberts has also enjoyed running Vintage for Kirk Pagel in his Miss Schweppes, and on his birthday he received his own hull from Kerry Kjos. Looking forward to that matchup next year as well.  


As we wind down the racing season, members need to think about who wants to run for the ERCU Contest board for 2016-2017 season as 3 spots should be up for voting. Jimmejames Cusworth will work on ballots and distribute them at the September races with Gold Cup being the possible cut off for entries and voting. Email will also be used for those that cant make a race in September. I encourage any who want to help the club grow as these spots need to be filled.


Some rule clarifications/changes we have been asking CD's to try and hope to vote on for possible changes next season. Possible rules we have tried include 1/2 lap after a dead boat call to pick it up before severe dead boat penalty, if a boat hits a bouy dead on and leaves water is 1 lap penalty, upping Lipo Mah rating to 10000mah to match NAMBA rules.  Note, not all we have tried, but have been brought up a time or two and will need member feedback in the offseason.


As I mentioned in the beginning, we have a hotly contested points race in Modern amongst the top 2 boats, with 3rd place still playing a factor.  Vintage is almost locked up, with 3-4 place close to each other and possibly pressing on 2nd place.  With 3 of 4 hotly sought after race titles to go, hired drivers and those bringing their A game to take away from the dominance of the front 2 boats is highly anticipated and welcomed!  Racing for high points adds that extra season long race to the regular on water jockeying for those adding to the fun of an already and long 2015 season. 


A special thanks to the club members who have helped me and taken pity on me with my bad lower back.  This is the camaraderie that speaks volumes about this club. Unfortunately things have gotten worse before they will get better around mid August.  Don't ask, just know Ill make it.


Until next time, see you all around the bouys and be safe!


Ron Forister

2015 ERCU Chairman