Championship Spark Plug Regatta:

Earnest (Gale V) Wins Vintage - also wins Modern with Oh Boy Oberto! driven by Brad Lewis!


Fort Borst, Centralia, Washington – For the first race of the season, the members of E-RCU came to brave the diverse weather of rain, sun, wind, hail and more sun for the Champion Spark Plug Regatta! Nine vintage and six modern boats started the 2015 season with a lot of great sportsmanship and fun.  The days heats were dominated with 1200 pts each in both vintage and modern classes, by Ron Forister's 1976 Miss Madison and Jimmejames Cusworth 2011 Valken respectively.   Changing weather conditions caused several flips during the heats to leave these two boats on top.  Some highlights during the day were recorded as: “Walter Roberts survives carnage at the finish line to beat the Zentix and Oberto in Modern Heat 2A,” “Zentix finishes Heat 2A by flipping and then floating over the finish line” and “Dave Reiser bests Oberto boats which flipped in the front stretch to win first place of Modern 3B.” But domination in the heats doesn't mean anything, as the finals are what matters. Only one consolation heat was run, which was for a spot in the Vintage final being won by Robert Roberts 1975 Miss Vernor's. Roberts bested Craig Bradshaw’s Wha Hoppen Too to earn his way to the finals. When the wind and rain cleared, during the finals it was the 1958 Gale V driven by John Earnest who won the vintage Champion Spark Plug Regatta.  In second was Ron Forister's 1971 Miss Madison and third was also Foristers’ 1976 Miss Madison driven by Craig Bradshaw.  No modern consolation was held in the Modern class, so all boats raced.  After troubles in the heats, John Earnest’s 1982 Oh Boy Oberto driven by Brad Lewis took top honors.  Followed by the heat winner in second were Jimmejames 2011 Valken and Ron Foristers 2014 Oberto


We had around 20 visitors from the area who stopped by to chat with the racers and watch some of the day’s greatest races. This kind of interest reinforces the work and the fun we have at some of our races locations. Also, a special thanks goes to Diane Earnest who made the day extra special with donuts and snacks for the racers. The day was made even smoother by the presence of two excellent contest directors in John Earnest and Kerry Kjos. We also appreciated the help of all the racers present who helped with judging and helping with the set up and tear down of the first race.


It was a great day and start to the 2015 season. Feel free to enjoy our pictures from this race and other races on the main page. You can follow us on Instagram and post your own pictures from races using the hashtag #ercu2015!

Jack Regas Memorial:

Kjos ('60 Miss Thriftway) Wins Vintage; James (2011 Valken) Wins Modern!


Waughop Lake, Lakewood, Washington – A beautiful day at Lake Waughop greeted 7 modern boats and 12 vintage for the Jack Regas Memorial race.  With the exception of modern, no one boat dominated the heats in vintage like the last race.  But, there was still several fast boats in vintage.   No modern connie was ran especially after 2010 Peters and May driven by Robbie Roberts pulled out after 2 heats due to electrical gremlins.  The final was ran with 3 of the 6 fastest boats,  Jimmejames Cusworth 2011 Valken, Mike Campbells the Boat and John Earnest '82 Oh Boy Oberto driven by Brad Lewis all in contention.  When all 5 laps were complete, the 2011 Valken took top honors and a perfect day.  In second after luckily fending off  Robert Roberts 2000 Znetix and a hard charging '82 Oh Boy Oberto, Ron Foristers 2014 Oberto held second with 2000 Znetix taking third.  Congrats to Jimmejames and the Valken.


In vintage consolation, Ron Forister's 1971 Miss Madison won the heat to move up but deferred to take 200 points to Chuck Murrays 1955 Tempo VII with Craig Bradshaw driving the 1969 Miss Schweppes. After penalties and a few dead boats, the final winner take all in vintage came down to Kerry Kjos 1960 Miss Thriftway followed by Robert Roberts 1975 Miss Vernors in second and after a penalty on the mill, Ron Foristers 1976 Miss Madison


A special thanks goes out to our own Bob Vandenakker for filling in on head judge when we needed it.  Also to ESU, Electric Scale Unlimiteds,  for use of their equipment and tech savvy on synching our computer with their printer. 

Seafair Trophy Race:

Ron Forister Sweeps Modern and Vintage! 


Long's Pond, Woodland Creek Community Park (Lacey, Washington) – The first three races of the 2015 race season are in the books and for each of the races, there have been three different winners in both Modern and Vintage classes. A mostly calm overcast sky with a few breezes greeted 5 modern and 10 vintage at Seafair Trophy race CD'd by Ron Forister at Longs pond, in Lacey WA. The Farmers Almanac was right about the weather... this time. 


In Modern class all 5 boats ran together in a single heat and the racing was like watching the final 3 times before the real race!  When the final was ran, Ron Forister's 2014 Oberto and Jimmejames Cusworth's 2011 Valken duked it out on the shorter than normal course with the 2014 Oberto taking its first win with a hard charging 2011 Valken a close second.  Robert Roberts’ 2000 Znetix finished third with Walter Roberts driving the 1999 Miss Madison to fourth.  Gentleman Jim Lattimer drove as (who can believe it?) a rookie in modern with the 1973 Miss Budweiser for the Roberts, finishing fifth.


In vintage, John Earnests’ 1955 Gale V won all 3 of its heats, with Ron Foristers 1976 and 1971 Miss Madisons and Chuck Murrays 1955 Tempo VII playing catch up in points going into final.  A vintage connie was ran with 5 boats racing for the trailer spot in final.  After a couple DNFs, Chuck Murray's 1963 Miss US 5 came away with connie win, followed by Robert Roberts 1975 Miss Vernors and Walter Roberts driving as a rookie for Craig Bradshaw in Kirk Pagels 1969 Miss Schweppes took third.  After driver and boat changes, 1969 Miss Schweppes made it into final on front line. Five boats battled slightly less than smooth water with Ron Forister's 1971 Miss Madison winning being pushed by John Earnests 1955 Gale V in second.  Third went to Craig Bradshaw driving 1969 Miss Schweppes to third.  All 5 boats completed the final.


It was a relaxing day at a beautiful race site in Lacey with good spirits and sportsmanship. There were many visitors taking an interest in the raceLooking forward to the second race at Longs Pond in Lacey in September.  

Oregon Emerald Cup:

Chuck Murray Wins Modern; Forister '71 Madison Wins Vintage! 


An overcast sky gave way to a beautiful May day at Lake Sacajawea in Longview, WA.  (Yes, Farmers Almanac was right.)  10 Vintage and seven modern boats made the trek to see who would win the Oregon Emerald Cup, held in Washington.  Brad Lewis, our CD, stepped up to save this venue from the schedule chopping block and did it in fine form.  Each driver received a door prize and some brats with plenty of beverages to keep hydrated. 


In the modern heats, 3 boats finished all their heats.  Ron Forister's 2014 Oberto had a perfect day, with Robert Roberts' 2000 Znetix with 1100 and Walter Roberts in the 1999 Miss Madison with 925 points.  The rest of the field was not having a good day in at least one of their heats.  A modern Connie was ran due to the number of participants for the final and three boats went at it in the connie.  Jeff Ross' 1985 Dominos Pizza won the spot in the final with Brian Buaas in John Earnest's 1983 Oh Boy! Oberto in second from trailer spot. 


The Modern final had several boat drops and changes, and 5 were left to battle it out.  At the end of it and a great start over the leader of the day, Chuck Murray's new 1983 Miss Houston took his first win in ERCU with second going to a hard charging 2014 Oberto of Ron Forister.  Brian Buaas drove the 1983 Oh Boy! Oberto from the trailer position to take a fast third.


Vintage class heats faired a bit better with 4 boats vying for top qualifier.  Ron Forister's 1971 Miss Madison topping the leader board with 1200 points followed closely by Brad Lewis in John Earnest's 1961 Miss Supertest II and Kerry Kjos's 1960 Miss Thriftway followed by Ron Forister's 1976 Miss Madison.  Due to a participant count, a connie was run to see who would get the coveted 5th spot for the final.  Robert Roberts took his 1975 Miss Vernors to an easy win with 3 of the 5 boats failing to finish.  John Earnest took second in the 1962 Gale V.  


The vintage final had a slight shuffle, with the Miss Vernor's deferring and allowing the 1962 Gale V to take the fifth and final spot on the front line.  After the clock went zero and 'great start' was heard, a fast final was under way for the Emerald Cup.  After the first turn, it was all but in the record books as Ron Forister's 1971 Miss Madison took the lead and went on to win his second of the season followed by a hard charging 1962 Gale V of John Earnest in second with his 1961 Miss Supertest II driven by Brad Lewis for third. 


This years winners, in lieu of perpetual trophies, received mid 1990's Hydro Prop Uniforms they can embroider. Both winners said they will have something on their shirts sometime in the future.


A special thanks goes to Brad Lewis for being CD and those that overcame some obstacles in assuring we could run the race at this beautiful site.  Thanks to Gabe for running the instagram section on website and the computer.  Looking forward to racing here again!

Oregon Emerald Cup

Format and Race Update - provided by CD Brad Lewis


3 heats, 5 laps
Winner take all final heats
1st and 2nd Consolations
Top 5 points go to the final heat
Winner of the first consolation is 6th boat trailer in the final

The 2nd Place boat in the Connie would also be an alternate.

Open prop, no score up bouy

Lunch will be served. Bottled water provided. Sausage dogs and chips all day. 

Free mid 90's hydro souvenirs including shirts hats posters and hydro buttons drawn through out the day to each boat entry. Everyone will go home with something fun!!

Buoys set Saturday late afternoon. Open water at 9 AM Sunday. Drivers meeting 10:30. Heat 1-A for the 2015 Oregon Emerald Cup following drivers meeting.

Sunday night after race dinner at the "Longview Chicken Shack!"

Diamond Cup:

2011 Valken Wins Modern;

Forister '71 Madison Wins 3rd Straight Vintage Race! 


Fort Borst, Centralia, Washington – Another overcast sky greeted the hearty group of racers at Ft Borst along with the ever present milfoil at this time of year for the Diamond Cup on a Memorial Day weekend.  This is the second stop on an 8 race back to back weekend block covering race schedule numbers 4-11. But it proved to be a fast group of boats in both classes, and just about everyone had issues of some sort with points coming up well short of a perfect day in one way or the other.


No modern Connie was ran, so everyone ran together minus one boat.  Jimmejames Cusworth 2011 Valken pulled out another fast win from the outside with a Bill Muncey start to be the 2015 Diamond Cup winner.  Followed by Ron Foristers 2014 Oberto in second and Chuck Murrays new 1983 Miss Houston in third after battling Walter Roberts driving Foristers 1999 Miss Madison. 


Vintage consolation found 4 boats vying for the last spot on the front line in the Final.  Robert Roberts 1975 Miss Vernors came away with the victory and thus moving up. 


The Vintage final had Chuck Murrays Tempo VII make a great start leading Ron Foristers 1971 Miss Madison around a few laps until the Miss Madison passed on the inside and then the Tempo VII rolling over in the right hand corner. The 1971 Miss Madison went on to victory for its third consecutive win this season.  But the best moment was young Walter Roberts driving Kirk Pagels 1969 Miss Schweppes all day to a comfortable second place in his first final finish for vintage. Third went to Ron Foristers fast but tricky to drive 1976 Miss Madison driven by back up driver Craig Bradshaw.


Special thanks goes to CD Craig Bradshaw and all those in attendance to pull this race off on a holiday weekend. Hope to see everyone else at the next race in Marysville this coming weekend.

Stan Sayres Memorial Regatta

 Race Update - provided by CD Ron Daum


Fellow Members:


With the Diamond Cup is now in our collective rear view mirrors, we can now set our sights on the 2015 Stan Sayres Memorial Regatta.  As I think of this race, I recall a day 41 years ago on Green Lake when Monte Steere hosted this first ever scale RC hydro race.   I also recall a day in 1950 when Stan Sayres and his Slo-Mo-Shun IV  won the Gold Cup in Detroit and brought it to Seattle where it would stay until 1955.  Thanks to Stan, Seattle had its first Major League Sport, Unlimited Hydroplane Racing.  Thanks to Monte, we will be commemorating this 41st  Anniversary of commemorating Stan Sayres with a RC hydro race in his name.  Let us therefore harken back to a time when the grass was green, the skies were blue, the hydro’s roared and thundered  on Lake Washington, the Seafair Pirates were not politically correct and the Chryslers, well, they were two tone.  I invite you to please join Contest Director Ron Daum at Twin Lakes in Marysville on Sunday May 31st and relive those golden days of yesteryear if only in 1/10th scale form.   


Ron Daum


Gold Cup Recap

Team Shake N' Bake  - Forister (2014 Oberto) wins Modern; Roberts (1975 Miss Vernors) wins Vintage.

High Points Race decided.


Lake Silverado (Adna, Washington) - The Gold Cup.  The name invokes a time honored tradition of long brutal heats with everyone bringing their A-Game to win this coveted trophy.  Last weekend's Oryx Cup was used as a test run with a low boat count and 4 heats to set the stage.  This time, everyone turned out in Adna, WA at the Silverado Ski park with their fast setups and drivers to possibly win the Gold Cup. The underlining story of the day would probably have to be the Modern High Points race between the 2011 Valken and 2014 Oberto.  With only 219 points separating the boats, and with equal drops at the end of the day, each heat and qualifying points positions will determine the 2015 winner.  Vintage side, High Points were wrapped up at least a race ago by the 1971 Miss Madison driven by Ron Forister.  Second place would still be up in the air with John Earnests' 1962 Gale V and Ron Foristers' 1976 Miss Madison.


The day started out with qualifying, and there were no surprises here:



1.  2011 Valken - JimmeJames Cusworth
2.  1982 Oh Boy! Oberto - Brad Lewis
3.  1983 Miss Houston - Chuck Murray
4.  2014 Graham Trucking - David Newton
5.  2014 Oberto - Ron Forister
6.  1999 Miss Madison - Walter Roberts
7.  2009 Grandview on the Lake - Ron Daum

1.  1960 Miss Thriftway - David Newton (Kerry Kjos)
2.  1961 Miss Supertest II - Brad Lewis
3.  1962 Gale V - John Earnest
4.  1970 Parco's O-Ring Miss - Gerry Bordon
5.  1975 Miss Vernor's - Robert Roberts
6.  1955 Tempo VII - Chuck Murray
7.  1957 Thriftway Too - David Newton (Ron Daum)
8.  1964 Harrah's Tahoe Miss - Jim Latimer


All four heats in Modern would have roughly five boats each (10 total boat count), so placing well was important in order to qualify for the Final. The takeaway from today's heats was that only three boats finished in all of their four heats, with many DNF and DNS recorded for the rest of the fleet. The most exciting heat we determined was during Heat 4, when the 2014 Graham Trucking of David Newton had a lead over Ron Foristers' 2014 Oberto defending against Jimmejames Cusworths' 2011 Valken.  All three boats were very close with Valken passing Oberto and then at the end  - Graham Trucking won the heat. 


The Gold Cup final started with, as far as this reporter can tell, the '14 Graham on inside with Chuck Murrays' 1983 Miss Houston, 2005 Miss Thriftway2011 Valken and '14 Oberto on the outside. Something happened between the Miss Houston and Graham, leaving the Graham upside down and spread out on the front stretch into turn one.  The really fast 82 Oh Boy! Oberto in the trailer position had an unexpected flip and was out. Within a few laps, the 2011 Valken hit the almost invisible Graham front wing, putting it out of action.  This left an almost sure win for 83 Miss Houston followed by the '14 Oberto and '05 Miss Thriftway running until the Miss Houston possibly fell to the same fate as the Valken and was out.  Surviving fast paced carnage the 2014 Oberto of Ron Forister crossed the finish line as 2015 Gold Cup winner followed by 2005 Miss Thriftway of Robbie Roberts in second. Third went to Chuck Murrays' 1983 Miss Houston for going the farthest.  Even with the points consistently collected during the day, the 2014 Oberto couldn't pass the '11 Valken falling shy just under 100 points out of first place.  This left Jimmejames Cusworth's fast 2011 Valken as ERCU 2015 Modern High Points champion.  Both teams agree it was an epic season with great racing and sportsmanship.


Vintage class had 13 boats show up, with pinch hitter David Newton doing double duty in Kerry Kjos' 1960 Miss Thriftway and Ron Daums 1957 Miss Thriftway Too.  This combo represented a powerful force in the heats against the fastest vintage boats this season.  Heat racing showed that only four boats completed all their heats and set themselves up for the Final.  The rest of the fleet would settle for a spot in the only consolation heat, the Ted Jones Memorial, as a second consolation wasn't feasible due to time constraints. But the Ted Jones Memorial consolation was filled with ERCU's other fast boats from the season.  High Points winner Ron Forister in his 1971 Miss Madison looked like they had the edge at the start gaining the inside lane. But an apex buoy in right turn was missed and was already a lap down. Robert Roberts in his 1975 Miss Vernors would take over the lead and win after battling Walter Roberts driving Kirk Pagels' 1969 Miss Schweppes in second, Gerry Bordons' 1970 Parco O ring Miss in third.  All six boats finished the heat, which was a welcome relief considering previous heats in both classes. 


If we learned anything from Modern Gold Cup final, its that what looks to be a sure thing, isn't always the case.  The fast vintage boats lined up during the mill for the Final heat of the day.  Brad Lewis' 61 Miss Supertest II secured the inside line over Newton in '60 Miss Thriftway, Ron Daums '57 Thrifway Too, John Earnests' 1962 Gale V, Chuck Murrays' 1955 Tempo VII and Robert Roberts 1975 Miss Vernors in the trailer position.  The Supertest II had advantage in turn one until it couldn't hold its turn, going wide and through a roostertail and was out.  Newton grabbed the lead with others trying to chase him down.  Next out was '57 Thriftway Too, but the rest were still in contention.  Newton looked like he and '60 Thriftway would cruise to another Gold Cup win. But hard charging Roberts' Miss Vernors never gave up and when '60 Thriftway made one mistake, Miss Vernors passed Thriftway and held onto first through the last turn by less than a roostertail length to win the Gold Cup from the trailer position!  Second was Newton in Kerry Kjos '60 Thriftway and third to Chuck Murray's '55 Tempo VII.  We will need to check the record books, but winning a race let alone the Gold Cup is a feat in of itself from the trailer position, five seconds behind riding in the wakes of the frontline boats.


Team Shake n Bake of Forister and Roberts came away with 2015 Gold Cup wins sponsored by SeaTac Self Storage and we at ERCU would like to thank those that came out to race and Lake Silverado for having us at a great race site.  Also like to thank Gabriel Kjos and Teresa Payne for keeping things going and running the show.  Well, that wraps up 2015 ERCU season, and we look forward to next year's racing when the Champion Spark plug Regatta will start off 2016. 
























Gravity Associates Oryx Cup Recap

Brad Lewis Wins the Dayin both Modern and Vintage Classes!


 Lake Sacajawea, Longview, Washington –  What's in a name?  For the ERCU racers at the Gravity Associates Oryx Cup in Longview, WA after a location change, not much different than at the previous location.  With four brutal heats, plus a Final already facing the racers, the elements were only mildly better than at the previous location in past races.  It definitely felt like the conditions of the real Oryx Cup at Doha. But that didn't diminish the competitive nature of the race day.  Contest Director John Earnest and Bob Vandenakker along with help from Brad Lewis, set up a great race course on Lake Sacajawea.    


A lower than normal turnout for Vintage arrived with seven boats and five in Modern allowed a quick day - even with 4 heats. No connies were run, and most felt it was a great way to setup for the upcoming Gold Cup final race the following Saturday.


All five boats in Modern would be racing each other every heat and into the final.  With Jimmejames Cusworths 2011 Valken in the points lead and Ron Foristers' 2014 Oberto in a tight battle for points, every heat would make or break the High Points battle in the last 2 races. With a couple mistakes from both teams in the heats, the Oberto and Valken traded 1-2 finishes in heats to go to the final with 1400 points each. The final started with race conditions about had it been all day, slightly rough but not too bad.  Or so it would seem.  At the start, the '11 Valken took the lead with the '14 Oberto somewhat close if a mistake was to be made.  After letting the 2 points leaders race in the heats, all bets were off from Brad Lewis' 1982 Oh Boy! Oberto camp as they made a charge past the '14 Oberto to challenge the Valken.  That is when the water conditions reached out and grabbed the leader Valken and rolled it in the left turn to leave the '82 Oh Boy! Oberto winning the Gravity Associates Oryx Cup with the '14 Oberto a comfortable second and Mick Shutt's 1978 Miss Circus Circus running well all day to take a third. The points chase had the '14 Oberto gain ground on the Valken (as per the Valken team keeping score... ;] ) which will play out at the Gold Cup the following weekend.


Vintage heats actually faired better than usual in the water conditions with only a couple of DNF recorded in four heats amongst the six boats left after one retired very early in the day. Good, fast racing happened as three boats in each flight could check their setups for the winner take all final. Vintage Final had all six boats in, with five on the front line and a trailer.  The 1961 Miss Supertest II of Brad Lewis dominated in the heats, and the final was no exception as he claimed the inside line on a crowded mill and start going into the first turn.  As the boats spread out, the 1971 Miss Madison of Ron Forister, tucked into second and tried to run down the Supertest, but to no avail until the strange water conditions rolled the Madison into turn 1.  This allowed Brad in the Supertest to cruise to a comfortable double Oryx cup win and a perfect points day.  Followed by John Ernest in the '62 Gale V for second and a third went to an improved Mick Shutt in his 1968 Miss Eagle Electric


Vintage High Points were more or less decided for first, with the only battle between 2nd to 3rd as the 1962 Gale V of John Earnest gained ground on Ron Foristers's 1976 Miss Madison.  The Gold Cup will decide second spot.


ERCU would like to thank the Contest Directors and Gravity Associates for putting on a great race at a great race site. We always look forward to racing in Longview whatever the weather brings us. It was also good to see longtime club member Jesse Sheehan in his 2007 Miss Beacon Plumbing show up to race.


Maple Leaf Regatta Race Recap:

Valken (Modern) and '71 Madison (Vintage) Edge Out Competition















Long's Pond, Lacey, Washington –  It was a rainy and windy day that greeted 15 boats for the inaugural Maple Leaf Regatta at Long's Pond in Lacey WA. The wind was still a major factor most of the day and took its toll on the vintage class not to mention the couple of visitations from the Canadian Geese squadron landing on the water at the worst times possible.


Modern heats went well with only a couple boats having mechanical/electrical issues.  Three boats ran in the consolation race for that fifth and final trailer spot.  Shaking its mechanical issues, the 1999 Miss Madison driven by Walter Roberts took the win and move up followed by a well running 1978 Miss Circus Circus of Mick Shutt.


The Modern Final was to be a barn burner on this medium course (everyone else said it was a short course) with all 5 boats running at the end.  At the start, the 2011 Valken of Jimmejames Cusworth took the middle lanes with the 2014 Oberto of Ron Forister and Robert Roberts' 2000 Znetix fighting for the inside lines.  The 2011 Valken, nicknamed by announcer as Black Lightening, ran to a mostly comfortable win as the Oberto and Znetix battled each other until Oberto broke free of Znetix only to be within 2 rooster tails of Valken at the end due to the smaller than normal course layout.  Chuck Murrays 1983 Miss Houston took fourth and Walter Roberts in 1999 Miss Madison a fifth spot.


Vintage heats in the wind are always exciting and frustrating as only 2 of the 8 boats finished all 3 heats, but these two wouldn't finish the final.   

The Vintage consolation consisted of the 4 lowest boats to vie for the trailer spot in the final.  At the end, only 2 boats finished with our newest member, Geoff Grembowski driving 1962 $ Bill to a consolation win, followed by 1968 Miss Eagle Electric of Mick Shutt.  Geoff would move up as trailer in his first ERCU race, but he' no beginner.


Some of the fastest ERCU Vintage boats were lined up for a fast heat in the unpredictable wind of Longs Pond.  The Mill seemed to dictate the outcome with 1975 Miss Vernors of Robert Roberts leaving lane 1 open for Ron Foristers' 1971 Miss Madison to take control of the race. Gerry Bordons 1970 Parco's O-ring Miss had to settle for the outmost lanes as the 1955 Tempo VII of Chuck Murray and 1962 Gale V of John Earnest filling in between and 62 $Bill as trailer watching it all unfold.  The 71 Madison would hold off a hard charging 70 Parcos  after ducking inside '75 Vernors until it flipped and landed right side up.  Vernors tried to catch the Madison until it had a problem in left turn and couldn't finish.  Parcos hit a cowling from '62 Gale V and was out.  Gale V itself flipped, leaving 71 Madison to cruise to win #9 for season as Tempo VII in second and $ Bill from trailer to finish a respectable third.


Special thanks to everyone for pitching in and help setup race course and equipment to get us all out of there at a good time.


Our newest member, Geoff Grembowski and $ Bill made a great showing for being new to 1/10th scale vintage coming from and still active in 1/8ths scale of RCU.  Hope to see more drivers to show up at our next two final races of season with Gravity Associates Oryx cup in Longview instead of Wooland and Gold Cup, Lake Silverado.


Roger Newton Memorial Race Recap:

Modern - Valken bests Graham Trucking

Vintage - Parco O'Ring Miss and Gerry Bordon sweep















Twin Lakes, Marysville, Washington –  A total of 20 boats (7 modern, 13 vintage) entered the 2015 Roger Newton Memorial. ERCU was also joined by ESU for the 2nd joint race of the year. This race was held in honor of the Czar, Roger Newton, founder of RCU and ERCU who passed away in 2008. 

Racers were treated to a pizza lunch provided by the Newton's. There was also a small raffle with prizes provided by Venom and Giant Power batteries.

Before racing started, best of scale trophies were presented to John Earnest for his Gale V and Robert Roberts for his Znetix.

The modern class saw great racing all day with a 7 boat field. With 5 making the front line, the Connie was a two boat duel between Mick Shutt and his 78 Circus Circus and Chuck Murray and his 83 Miss Houston. It was Mick's race from the start as Chuck got the Miss Houston stuck on a corner bouy. Mick then advanced to the final as the trailer.  

The front 5 of the modern final was:

'14 Oberto Ron Forister with 1200 points 
'14 Graham Trucking David Newton with 1000 points
'00 Znetix Robert Roberts with 825 points
'99 Miss Madison Walter Roberts with 825 points
'11 Valken JimmeJames Cusworth with 800 points

Both the Graham and the Oberto had perfect starts in lanes 1 and 2. Coming out of the first turn David Newton in the Graham led the field with the Valken of JimmeJames quickly passing the Oberto to take 2nd. After the first lap, the Madison died in the right corner. On the next lap the Circus lost its cowling in the same corner giving a few obstacles for the field. Although Newton had the lead from the start Cusworth picked away on his lead each lap and passed the Graham on the 4th lap to take victory for the second year in a row.


The finishing order was:
1 Valken JimmeJames Cusworth
2 Graham Trucking David Newton
3 Oberto Ron Forister 
4 Znetix Robert Roberts
5 Circus Circus Mick Shutt

Congratulations JimmeJames on winning your 2nd Roger Newton Memorial!

Attrition took the 13 boat vintage field down to 9 after 3 rounds. The Connie saw an easy victory for Robert Roberts in his Miss Vernors advancing to be the trailer in the final.


The front 5 of the vintage final was:
'70 Parco Gerry Borden with 1200 points
'71 Miss Madison Ron Forister with 1200 points
'69 Miss Schweppes Walter Roberts with 900 points
'57 Hawaii Kai III Craig Mullen with 869 points
'62 Gale V John Earnest with 825 points

It looked like it was going to be a great battle between Ron Forister and Gerry Borden, who both won all three rounds going to the final. Ron led the field at the start with Gerry right on his hip, but going up the backstretch the Miss Madison stuffed and was out of competition. From there on out Gerry cruised to victory. A great battle took place for 2nd between the Gale V and Miss Schweppes for 5 laps. Going back and forth it was eventually the Schweppes taking 2nd and Gale V 3rd.


The final order of finish was:
1 Parco Gerry Borden
2 Miss Schweppes Walter Roberts
3 Gale V John Earnest
4 Miss Madison Ron Forister 
5 Hawaii Kai III Craig Mullen

Thanks to everyone who came out and raced in memory of the Czar! There was a lot of fun had and a lot of exciting racing. - David Newton


Bernie Little Memorial Race Recap:

Walter Roberts Gets First Win!

Team Madison Posts 1-2 Finishes in both Modern and Vintage!


Lake Alice Joy, Snohomish, Washington –  ERCU's second scheduled race at the private pond known as Alice Joy in Snohomish, was a HOT one.  We had 10 Modern and 10 Vintage boats show up on this unusually hot weekend in the PNW.  The secluded pond helped keep any wind to a minimum, leaving almost perfect race water, but did nothing to relieve those in attendance.


Modern heats were fairly uneventful, with only 2 new boats having issues leaving eight runing by the end of the day.  A rare modern consolation was ran with Chuck Murray in the 1983 Miss Houston taking the win and moving up to the final over Mick Schutts' 1978 Miss Circus Circus, Nels Enquists' 1972 Lincoln Thrift 7 1/4% Special, and 2000 Znetix with Robert Roberts respectively. 


The Bernie Little Memorial Modern Final looked like a barn burner with the long course and smooth water conditions.  But it turned to be very exciting for different reasons.  Jimmejames Cusworth 2011 Valken led the field to the first turn after lap one until it cut a bouy, leaving Ron Foristers' 2014 Oberto to assume the lead almost to an assured win with no one immediately pressing him.  That is, until for some strange reason on the front stretch, possibly karma, a fish, or some other reason, the '14 Oberto took a hard nose dive.  Popping back up and getting straight again only to see Walter Roberts driving the 1999 Miss Madison assume the lead.  Walter held on just enough with a hard charging Forister to take his first win by a boat length over the '14 Oberto in the '99 Miss Madison!  Third went to Jimmejames in the '11 Valken.  Bill Smiley's 1977 Charlie's Girl took fourth with Chuck Murray '83 Miss Houston not finishing.


Joining us in Vintage class was returning favorite, Ryan Opfer in 2 boats, 1959 Miss Pay N Save and 1968 Gales Roostertail.  Gentleman Jim Latimer debuted his 'new' boat, 1964 Harrah's Tahoe Miss, acquired after successfully selling the '62-'67 $ Bill.


Vintage heats had an unusual amount of DNF and DNS considering the calm conditions present on the well protected pond.  We can only surmise that the fish were fighting back at some point. As the points race settled down going into the Final lineup, Jim Latimer's '64 Harrah's Tahoe Miss split the Team Madison boats with Chuck Murrays 1963 Miss US 5 locking the fourth spot.  This left the next 5 boats to duel it out in the consolation.  Of the 5 boats, only 2 would finish with Ryan Opfer's 1959 Miss Pay N Save taking the win and Chuck Murray's 1955 Tempo VII runner up.


The fastest boats lined up for the Vintage Final as a 4 boat front line and a trailer took to turn one.  The '63 Miss US 5 followed the '71 Miss Madison for the lead down the backstretch after lap one only to blow over allowing the others to move up.  But this was short lived as '64 Harrah's and '59 Pay N Save soon followed suit leaving Ron Foristers' '71 Miss Madison to another win.  Robert Roberts drove around the carnage in the 1976 Miss Madison for another 1-2 finish for the Team. Third would go to Opfer in '59 Pay N Save as it was the last to go over. 


ERCU would like to thank Kirk, the owner of the property, for allowing us to race this season.  It sounds like we will be adding another race there next season, which will go along ways to helping the club.  Thanks to Craig Bradshaw as CD for course setup and running a great race.  Hope to see everyone at the remaining races!


Bernie Little Memorial


The 2015 Bernie Little Memorial will be held at Lake Alice Joy. It is a private lake provided to us by Mr. Curt Kennedy and the lake has proven to be a great venue. Come one. Come all. Let's all show our appreciation by providing a good day of fun and racing for Curt and his guests.


The gates will be open at 7:30am Sunday morning for us to start setting up. Once again, no generators allowed. But racers will need to bring extension cords and splitters because the power outlet is 200 yards away.


I would like to have a potluck lunch.  I don't have a BBQ, so I will see to it that we all have something cold to drink along with chips and some sort of sandwich fixings. Anyone wanting to pitch in would be great.


There will be time to test after the course is set and boats are registered. Drivers meeting will be at 10:45am with heat 1A starting at 11:00.


3 heats of 5 laps

Open Props for Vintage

  No Score Up Buoy

Winner Take All Final


Connie's will depend on boat count for both vintage and modern. Top 5 boats in final plus winner of first Connie to move up to complete the field.


I understand gentleman Jim Latimer will be joining us for this race with a new boat. Come race with us to see what he has put together. Knowing Jim it will be something great! - Craig Bradshaw



Columbia Cup:

A Special Day in Longview, Washington


Lake Sacagewea, Longview, Washington –  An unusually warm day in the upper 80's  - low 90s greeted perhaps the largest turnout so far this season at one of our favorite sites, Lake Sacajawea in Longview, WA.  A strong showing of competitive boats in both Modern and Vintage foretold an interesting day for racing for the Columbia Cup, CD'd by Brad Lewis and Dave Reiser.  Brad and Dave brought brats and plenty of refreshments to keep everyone's strength up on this hot day of racing. Kudos for that!


This race marked the 11th of 16 races and last of a consecutive week after week tour lasting most of the season. With 5 remaining races, the points race has become interesting.


Modern heats had its ups and downs starting with a fantastic race in Heat 1B between perhaps the fastest 1/10th scale modern hulls.  Brad Lewis in the 1982 Oh Boy! Oberto and Jimmejames Cusworth's 2011 Valken screamed around the course, when on the back stretch the '82 Oberto did a compete 360 degree flip in the air and landed not only right side up, but in the right direction and didn't lose a position nor was the throttle backed off to win the heat!  Everyone was amazed but no video or pictures captured it! The downside  in the modern heats when electrical equipment failures in the Roberts camp claimed the 1999 Miss Madison2000 Znetix and 2005 Miss Thriftway.  Leaving only 1973 Miss Budweiser to enter the final. 


No consolation was ran as the boat attrition took care of that, so the final was ran with those 6 left to compete.  The highly anticipated duel between the '82 Oberto and '11 Valken did not happen when the '82 Oberto made the start got caught in a roostertail and couldn't get going again. So this matchup fell to Chuck Murrays' 1983 Miss Houston and the '11 Valken with Ron Forister's 2014 Oberto waiting to pick off any mistakes.  The 2011 Valken missed a bouy and couldn't make up the distance in time to catch either Miss Houston or '14 Oberto leaving the improving 1983 Miss Houston of Chuck Murray to claim his second ERCU win of the season.  Ron Forister's 2014 Oberto in second and Jimmejames Cusworth 2011 Valken took third and were the only ones left running.


Vintage heats had its fair share of attrition, but all of the competitors were able to run in either a consolation or the final.   With 3 boats tied for points plus 2 others that automatically made the final, the vintage first connie saw the remaining 5 battle it out for the vaunted spot as a trailer in final heat.  The consolation started off with all 5 running with a slight breeze over the course, but one by one fell out until only Ben Keller's 1957 Hawaii Kaii III driven by Jerry Dunlap was the only boat left. The Hawaii Kai III opted out of the final, so only the original top 5 vintage hulls raced for the prestigious Columbia Cup.


The Columbia Cup final saw most of the clubs fastest vintage boats take to the starting line with Kerry Kjos' 1960 Miss Thriftway leading the way with Ron Foristers' 1971 Miss Madison into turn one until the wind and a wave caused the Miss Thriftway to rollover allowing '71 Miss Madison the lead once again to a Columbia Cup victory.  Only 2 other boats, John Earnests' 1962 Gale V in second and his 1961 Miss Supertest II driven by Brad Lewis for third place, managed to finish.


ERCU would like to thank Brad Lewis and Dave Reiser for putting on an awesome venue for racing and a shout out to the RCU and Rose City members that came to watch us race. A special mention goes to Walter Roberts as it was his 14th birthday and many well wishes were bestowed upon him, including Kerry Kjos donating an unfinished 1/10th scale vintage hull to Walter for his very own  to compete with next season.  Looking forward to racing in Longview next year! - Ron Forister


Columbia  Cup:

Format And Festivities for July 5, 2015


3 Preliminary Heats 
Winner Take All Final Heats


ERCU Rule Book Appendix A 1.1. Love Plan
The running of consolation heats will be determined upon boat count at the end of the day. I hope we can run both a first and second Consolation Heat in both Modern and Vintage. 

Open water after course is set with drivers meeting at 10:30am. Heat 1A right after drivers meeting. Open propeller, no score up buoy.

Will have break during final heat from Madison with time permitting as we can live stream over the audio system for the group. 

I will bring Coffee from Starbucks and some fruit for breakfast.

Lunch will be Bratwurst and not Beerbrats this time as I think most people enjoy the standard sausages best. They are again coming from the Sausage Kitchen in Gladstone. Will also have corn on the cob with a few small potatoes thrown in for fun. Chips too will be provided.

Bottled Water will also be provided. It will likely be very hot and I want to be sure we all stay hydrated.

Will have giveaways again at registration and a couple of other surprises drawn during the day!

Most of all, let's have fun and enjoy the day together. 

Hope to see you for The Columbia Cup in Longview WA!

Brad Lewis and Dave Reiser 


Governor's Cup:

Vernor's and Valken Victorious!!!


Lake Alice Joy, Snohomish, Washington –  The inaugural race at Lake Alice Joy, graciously provided by Curt Kennedy, marks the tenth race in the 2015 ERCU SeaTac Self Storage Series.  The fantastic weather, great facility, and a course set by Robert Roberts provided perfect racing conditions throughout the day.  Nine vintage and seven modern boats entered the 2015 Governor's Cup and most made it through the day's races.


Gary Rose and Dick Roberts (no relation to Walter Roberts II, III, or IV) came from Arizona with the '72 Valu-Mart'77 Atlas Van Lines "Blue Blaster", and the '78 Miss Circus Circus.  All three boats were competitive throughout the day, and although hampered by trailer starts due to this being their first race with the club, their boats were competitive, particularly in the Connies.


In the Modern Class, Robbie Roberts took over driving duties for the '99 Miss Madison, while Walter was vacationing in Texas.  After a questionable performance in heat 1B, Robbie showed that he should be driving a fast modern.  Look out for his 2005 Miss Thriftway when it hits the water!  The rebuilt Valken made its debut, after being destroyed two weeks ago when it was driven straight into the steel timing pole at full speed while attempting to break a national record.  The crash wasn't pretty, but thankfully the driver was already dead, so he "lives" to race another day.  Racing under a variance for crash damage repair, the grey primered "Black Boat" proved to be just fast enough to stay ahead of the field.  In the final, the 2011 Valken got a good start and carried it to the end, followed by the 2000 Znetix, the '99 Miss Madison and the Connie winner, the'83 Miss Houston, each having won a heat earlier in the day.  The 2009 Grandview on the Lake also made it into the final, but wasn't able to finish.


The Vintage Class got off to a rough start.  Unfortunately, early in Vintage heat 1A the '59 Miss U.S. 1 squared off the corner exiting the right turn and was collected by the charging '55 Tempo VII, resulting in significant damage to the Miss U.S. 1.  Though judged a racing incident, it still sucks for Ron Daum, who has a lot of work ahead to repair his nearly new boat.  Gerry Bordon drove fast and clean, taking his '70 Parco's O-Ring Miss to two heat wins, as did Robert Roberts with his '75 Miss Vernor's.  Craig Bradshaws' '54 Wha Hoppen Too and Ron Daums' '57 Thriftway Too picked up wins in the remaining heats.  The Miss U.S. 5 was pulled after sustaining damage and the Miss Burien succombed to gremlins in its power system.  The Tempo VII won the Vintage Connie and transferred to the final behind the Miss Vernor'sParco's O-Ring Miss, the Wha Hoppen Too, and the Thriftway Too.  At the end, the Miss Vernor's had skillfully avoided three dead boats littering the course, followed by the Tempo VII.


Aside from the contact in the Vintage heats, everyone seemed to have a great time.  In her first go as Contest Director and Chief Referee, Teresa Payne received many compliments for the fun, efficient way she ran and called the races, wearing her official referee jersey.


Some regular racers couldn't make it due to conflicts, including season points leader Ron Forister, who was attempting to defend his Classic Thunder Vintage Gold Cup title.  Though he wasn't able to defend his Vintage title, Ron's 2014 Oberto took home the Modern Gold Cup.  Hopefully some of the racers from down south will make the trek to Lake Alice Joy when we race there again in a few weeks.  Teresa said it's the best site so far this year.


A big shout out goes to our host Curt, who tore around the course between heats keeping the course clean and collecting dead boats with his full-size outboard tunnel hull!


Silver Cup:

Modern and Vintage Finals showcase Forister wins.


 Horseshoe Lake, Woodland, Washington – Round number 9 of 16 found a group of hardy racers at Horseshoe Lake in Woodland WA, as part of Planters Day for the ERCU Silver Cup. Constant winds and sun created a short course that was challenging, but manageable for nine Vintage and five Modern boats.  At the end of the day, only 2 boats managed to finish all of their heats, one in vintage and one in modern.


No consolation was needed for Modern, so all 5 boats started the final in less than ideal water conditions.  The 2014 Oberto owned and piloted by Ron Forister took lane one and guarded it until the finish as Ron Coles 1972 Pride of Pay N Pak caught up within a rooster tail for second place. The  boat went charging into the wind which also slowed the Oberto down. Third went to the consistent heat finisher 2000 Znetix owned and piloted by Robert Roberts with Walter Roberts receiving fourth place in the 1999 Miss Madison.  Chuck Murray's 1983 Miss Houston flipped while coming down the front straight for a DNF.


In the Vintage consolation, there were five boats competing for the fifth and final spot in the Silver Cup final.  With wind and water conditions the same all day, this was no different.  Two boats flipped into the wind, and a third stalled in the left turn.  John Earnests 1962 Gale V survived the carnage and conditions to win the consolation and a spot in the coveted Silver Cup Final.


Course conditions for the Silver Cup Vintage Final looked good as all five boats went charging into the wind and into the first turn.  This time, hired gun Jim Latimer in the 1976 Miss Madison raced Robert Roberts' 1975 Miss Vernors out onto the back stretch with the 1971 Miss Madison and Ron Forister ducking inside John Earnest's 1962 Gale V and Gerry Bordons' 1970 Parco's O-Ring Miss after both went wide in turn one.  The front three became two when the Miss Vernors stalled in the left turn, leaving the 1976 Miss Madison leading the other Forister boat until water conditions caught the '76 Miss Madison driver and boat by a rogue wave into the wind of the right corner.  The 1971 Miss Madison went onto a comfortable win with 1962 Gale V in second and completing all of its heats, the 1970 Parco's O-Ring Miss for third.  There was a question of possible Team Orders in the Madison camp, but we will not know what would have happened at the end.


 CD John Earnest would like to thank the City of Woodland and Planters Day for inviting ERCU to race on a great race site and hope to be asked back for next years festivities.  ERCU will be back at same location this September for the Lewis River Festival and the Oryx Cup. - Ron Forister


President's Cup:

Forister Wins Modern and Vintage in Showdown Finals!


 Lake Wilderness, Maple Valley, Washington – In conjunction with Maple Valley Days at Lake Wilderness in Maple Valley WA, a beautiful and warm day greeted 5 Modern and 10 Vintage boats to put on a show for the Presidents Cup with Chuck Murray as CD. 


The Modern heats started off with one boat already pulled, leaving four to battle for points throughout the day and into the Presidents Cup Final.  Of the four boats left, only two received points in all three heats leading into the Final.  Since all four would make the final anyway, it wouldn't mean much except for season total points.  Going into the final, the Presidents Cup would come down to who could eastablish the lead and keep it.  The race came down to Ron Foristers 2014 Oberto taking lane one to victory over a hard charging 2000 Znetix driven by Robert Roberts.  To paraphrase Roberts, "I was waiting for Ron's Oberto to go wide once in a turn, but he didn't." Rounding out third and fourth was Walter Roberts in the 1999 Miss Madison and Chuck Murrays 1983 Miss Houston respectively. 


For Vintage, three boats would score points in all three heats, but four would make the final automatically.  This would leave the four boats left with the lowest points to race each other in the Consolation to see who would make the fifth spot in final.  The connie race came down to the two back up boats of Chuck Murray (1963 Miss US 5) and Ron Forister (1976 Miss Madison).  Having a second boat in the same class usually means at least one makes the final.  After swapping the lead, Murrays Miss US 5 came away with consolation win with Forister close behind in second.  Since no back up drivers available, both boats took their points and the fifth spot in the final went to Mick Shutt and  his 1968 Miss Eagle Electric.


The Presidents Cup Vintage Final started with five boats in the mill, but after the clock went to zero and boats went into the first corner, it quickly dwindled to two boats.  Taking the inside lane at the start, Ron Foristers 1971 Miss Madison (sounds familiar)  went on to an easy win after dodging the three dead boats on the course.  Craig Bradshaws 1954 Wha Hoppen Too took second for his best finish this season thus far.  Third defaulted to Chuck Murrays 1955 Tempo VII with the most points.


Special thanks goes to Maple Valley Days for having ERCU at the park and Craig Bradshaw for getting the members parking passes as well as setting up the race course.  Thanks also goes to Bob Vandenakker and Jimmejames Cusworth for helping with running a few heats while they could for us.  - Ron Forister


Bill Muncey Memorial:

1982 Oh Boy! Oberto and Brad Lewis Wins Modern;

Forister's Miss Madison 1971 (1st Place) and 1976 Miss Madison (2nd Place) for Vintage Race! 


Waughop Lake, Lakewood, Washington –  A warm sunny day in June greeted a smaller than normal turnout for 10 vintage and 5 modern boats for ERCU's inaugural Bill Muncey Cup at Lake Waughop in Lakewood, WA by CD Ron Forister.  This was round 7 of 16 for the year, and the fourth race of 11 straight competitions scheduled back to back.


The Modern class ran with all 5 boats until after the first heat a boat dropped out, leaving 4 to battle it out in the final.  It came down to the 2 boats scoring the most points in the heats to have a back and forth race in the final.  The 1982 Oh Boy! Oberto of John Earnest driven by Brad Lewis and 2014 Oberto with Ron Forister.  After swapping for the lead, Brad Lewis took back over first place to win the Bill Muncey cup with the 1982 Oh Boy! Oberto and 2014 Oberto taking a close second.  Walter Roberts held out for third with the 1999 Miss Madison.  Since no consolation was ran, Consolation 4th place went to Chuck Murrays 1983 Miss Houston after battling the '99 Miss Madison.


Vintage saw 4 boats within 275 points of each other making the quick qualification going into the final.  Thus, leaving 5 boats to battle it out in the first consolation after having a single boat withdraw earlier in the heats.  First and only consolation heat was ran with top honors going to Chuck Murrays 1963 Miss US 5, earning a spot in the final if he could find a replacement driver.  Young Walter Roberts in Kirk Pagels 1969 Miss Schweppes would be the back up boat, but Chuck found a driver in Brad Lewis, gun for hire.


All five vintage boats were on the front line to duke it out for honors in winning the inaugural Bill Muncey Cup.  Two boats pushed it to far trying to catch the leader, thus leaving Ron Foristers 1971 Miss Madison cruising to a Bill Muncey Cup victory with backup driver Robert Roberts driving the 1976 Miss Madison in second and gun for hire Brad Lewis in Chuck Murrays 1963 Miss US 5 for third.

Special thanks to the club members for putting up and taking down the equipment and our guest racer Jerry Dunlap, our NAMBA district 8 representative.  Jerry took a plunge back into scale by driving Ben Kellers 1957 Hawai Kai III as a hired driver.  Hope he can join us for more races in future.


Stan Sayres Memorial Regatta:

2011 Valken Wins Modern;

Miss Vernor wins WILD Vintage Race! 


kes, Marysville, Washington –  This, the sixth stop on the 2015 SeaTac Self Storage Championship Series presented by Northwest Trophy and Red Dot Corporation, was the 41st Stan Sayers Memorial Regatta. This event was the very first all scale RC boat race and predates even RCU. Back then it was 1/8 scale but for the last 12 years it has been for E-RCU 1/10 scale electric hydros. The event was held at Ginsberg Twin Lakes Park in Marysville, WA where a cool gray Sunday morning greeted 11 Vintage boats and 6 Modern hulls. Twin La


With the clouds departing to expose a warm bright sunny day, racing proceeded at a rapid pace. After early attrition took the Thriftway Too, Miss US1 and US5 out of the action, the intensity of the competition increased in the later heats. 


The Vintage First Consolation was hotly contested between Chuck Murray’s TEMPO VII and Craig Bradshaw’s WHA-Hoppen Too until the Wha-Hoppen flipped leaving Walter Roberts driving Kirk Pagel’s Miss Schweppes to finish second. 


The Modern Final looked to be a barn burner. After Ron Forister’s Oberto and Ron Daum’s Grandview scratched, all four starters finished. Jimmejames Cusworth drove his Valken Sports to a win with Bill Smiley driving his Charlies Girl to a close second and Walter Roberts driving the 1999 Miss Madison took third. Fourth went to Chuck Murray and the Miss Houston. 


Before the Vintage final, Ron Forister’s 1976 Madison had to scratch moving the Consolation winning Tempo VII up to the front line and made young Walter Roberts driving Miss Schweppes the trailer boat for the final. This turned out to be the most exciting heat of the day with five boats starting, five boats finishing and the referees trying to keep track of who was where with penalties. John Earnest driving the Gale V jumped the gun leaving Ron Forister in the 1971 Madison in first with the Robert Roberts driving Miss Vernors in second with Tempo VII third with his son Walter and the Schweppes in fourth. After a lap of this, the Madison missed a buoy moving her to fifth behind the Gale. A lap or so later the Schweppes also missed a buoy dropping her to last. After five laps it was Robert Roberts and his Miss Vernors taking the win with Chuck Murray driving his Tempo VII close behind in second with Miss Madison in third having passed the Gale V for fourth. Miss Schweppes finished fifth. 


The CD for the Day Ron Daum would like to thank everyone who helped throughout the day with special recognition to Robert Roberts for hauling the trailer, Craig Bradshaw who helped set the course and Teresa Payne who did the registration, played Pit Boss and scorer.

Gold Cup Fast Lap Qualifier Results

1.  2011 Valken - JimmeJames Cusworth
2.  1982 Oh Boy! Oberto - Brad Lewis
3.  1983 Miss Houston - Chuck Murray
4.  2014 Graham Trucking - David Newton
5.  2014 Oberto - Ron Forister
6.  1999 Miss Madison - Walter Roberts
7.  2009 Grandview on the Lake - Ron Daum


1.  1960 Miss Thriftway - David Newton (Kerry Kjos)
2.  1961 Miss Supertest II - Brad Lewis
3.  1962 Gale V - John Earnest
4.  1970 Parco's O-Ring Miss - Gerry Bordon
5.  1975 Miss Vernor's - Robert Roberts
6.  1955 Tempo VII - Chuck Murray
7.  1957 Thriftway Too - David Newton (Ron Daum)
8.  1964 Harrah's Tahoe Miss - Jim Latimer