Lake Sacajawea (Longview, Washington) - The sun rose to burn off the morning chill opening up a beautiful blue sky and a slight ripple on the water. With all hard at work setting up for a day that looked to be all we could ask for. 12 vintage along with 5 moderns turned out to make the run for the Governor’s Cup. As the heat draws were called the boats started to head for the water. As the boats headed onto the course to start the mill in heat 1A - Chuck with his 63 Savair’s Mist, Gerry’s Parco O-Ring, Dewey’s Lumberville and John Howell’s Savair’s Mist hit the starting line. After 5 laps of good racing, Chuck was first to see the checkered flag. Gerry was second with the Parco’s as John E. crossed the line in third followed by John Howell with his Savair’s Mist in fourth.


As the Blue Chip, Schweppes, Eagle Electric and the Black Hallmark Homes enter the water for heat 1B.  First to cross the finish line was Craig with his new Blue Chip, second was Jimmie with his Schweppes from the trailer, third place went to Mick with his Eagle Electric as Robbie was unable to finish with the Black Hallmark Homes.


Heat 1C was another great heat with Kerry driving his Miss Thriftway, Jerry Dunlap driving Ben Keller’s Hawaii Kai lll, Walter with his Mariners Too and Chuck in the Tempo Vll.  First to the checkered was Jerry in the Hawaii Kai lll, second place was Kerry and the Miss Thriftway, third was all Walter with the Mariner Too then the Tempo Vll with Chuck at the wheel for fourth.


We then went to Modern heat 1A as Walter brings the Miss Madison to the water along with Mick’s  Miss Circus Circus , Gabe in the OH BOY OBERTO, Chuck in the Houston and Jimmie with the Valken.  First to cross the finish line was Jimmie and the Valken, second went to Chuck in the Houston, third went to Walter in the Miss Madison, fourth place went to Gabe in the Oh Boy! Oberto and fifth went to Mick in the Circus Circus.


Vintage 2A was next up, Chuck with the 64 Savair’s Mist, Walter in the Mariner Too, Jimmie in the Schweppes and Gerry with the Parcos. With Gerry piloting the Parcos to a first place finish again, second place went to Jimmie with another trailer start, third place was the Mariners Too with Walter at the helm. Finishing the heat was Chuck who was unable to finish with his 63 Savair’s Mist.

Heat 2B was another surprise when Craig was able to pull off another first place with his Blue Chip, Kerry in the Miss Thriftway took second, Chuck’s Tempo Vll was third to cross and another DNF for Robbie in Hallmark Homes.


Heat 2C was another one for the books as both Jerry in the Hawaii Kai lll and John Howell both flipped leaving the race wide open for John to pull a first with Dewey’s Lumberville followed by Mick’s Miss Eagle Electric in second.


Once again we go back to modern for the start of heat 2A. All five boats hit the water as the points race continued, Valken, Houston, Madison, Oh Boy! Oberto and Circus Circus all hit the water. First to find the checkered flag this heat was Chuck and the Houston, second place went to Jimmie in the Valken, third place was earned by Walter with the Madison and forth to Mick in the Circus Circus. The Oh Boy! Oberto was unable to finish.


Food is out on the table so I guess it is time for lunch, relaxation and tall tales about racing. After what seemed to be a long lunch we were able to move the bull back to the water.


With a close points race heat 3A hit’s the water. Ready to mill sit’s the Eagle Electric, Chuck’s Savairs Mist, Walter in the Mariner Too and the Dewey’s Lumberville. First across the line was Chuck in the Savair’s Mist, second place went to John in the Dewey’s Lumberville, followed by Walter in his Mariner Too for third. Mick was unable to bring the Circus Circus across the line to finish.


Next up is Heat 3B as John Howell caught them all off guard when his Savair’s Mist was way out front leading the pack into turn one lap 4 when he hit a hole and flipped. This set the Tempo Vll up to take the win. Second place went to Robbie in the Hallmark Homes and third to Jerry in Ben’s Hawaii Kai lll.


Heat 3C was looking good with a perfect day so far in the Blue Chip. With feathers fluffed going into the mill - boy did I screw up, getting a bad start and a lot to make up my perfect day ended with the Blue Chip sitting in the backstretch just before turn three silver side up. First place went to Kerry and his Miss Thriftway, second to Gerry in the Parcos and third to Jimmie with the Schweppes.


Modern heat 3A hit’s the water with great anticipation for the points are close. The boats start trading places during the mill hopping to get the lane they want for the start. As the green flag drops the first to run into problems was Chuck losing power for a DNS.  Second problem was when Walter was unable to finish. With three boats still running Jimmie was first across the line with the Valken, Oh Boy! Oberto with Gabe at the helm was second and Mick pulled the Circus Circus into third.


The boats hit the water for the vintage Connie and a chance to make the trailer in the final. Chuck’s Savair’s Mist, Craig’s Blue Chip, Walter’s Mariner Too, Jerry with the Hawaii Kai lll and Mick’s Eagle Electric all hit the water to start the mill. After five laps Craig was able to pull off a first and the chance to move up to the final. Second place went to Walter and his Mariner Too, third to Jerry in Ben’s Hawaii Kai lll and fourth went to Mick in the Miss Eagle Electric. Chuck was unable to finish with the Savair’s Mist.


The time has come to bring the Vintage boats to the water for the finals, Parcos, Schweppes, Dewey’s Lumberville and Miss Thriftway all hit the line as the race begins. Five laps of tough racing John was first to the checkered, second place goes to Gerry and the Parcos, third went to Craig in the Blue Chip and fourth went to Kerry and the Miss Thriftway. This time Jimmie was unable to finish the heat with the Schweppes.


Now for the results everyone want to see, the modern finals, with all five boats jockeying for lanes in the mill the race is on. When all was said and done Walter brings the Madison across the line in fifth place, Mick slids in in fourth with the Circus Circus, third went to Gabe in the Oh Boy! Oberto, second was Chuck in the Houston and first place goes to MR. Jimmie James and the Valken.


I want to take this time to thank Chuck for pulling the trailer down to Longview then up to Silverado for the Gold Cup. John Earnest for setting up a great course and all the rest of the members for their help and club support. I also wish to send a special thanks to the one that took the last of the plums, I had to smell them all the way down not having to take them back home was great.


                                                                                              Thanks again!


Govenor's Cup Journal Recap

Valken Storms to Finish in Modern; Lumberville Stuns to Win Vintage


15 E-RCU members entered the NAMBA Fast Electric Nationals in Marysville, Wa. on Aug. 13, 2016.  Scale racing featured 4 heats of racing without a final heat, and no cutting the course.   It came as suprise to everyone that one E-RCU member dominated the Scale Nats, by scoring 1400 points in both Modern and Vintage heats!!  David Newton drove JimmeJames Cusworths'  Valken to four first place finishes in Modern, with a record setting fastest time of the day at 1:43:29. It is rumored that JimmeJames spent the week before, changing the Valken to fit David's driving style. Chuck Murray was right behind in second place with 1325 pts. in Miss Houston. Kenneth Van Wyk of Classic Thunder also competed and finished 3rdwith 1227 pts on the day.         


In the Vintage class, David Newton drove Kerry Kjos' 1960 Miss Thriftway to four first place finishes and a perfect 1600 points to win the class! David's record setting fastest time for  Vintage, 1:58:32, occurred in the 2nd heat, after a thrilling battle with Mitch Dillard and the Gale V.   Mitch finished the day in second place with 1500 points.  Third again was Kenneth Van Wyk, this time driving the Miss Seattle.  Special thanks to Puget Sound Fast Electric for such a professional setup and a fun group of Officials to race with.   Also the great sponsors, which included Offshore Electric, a mainstay for E-RCU. 

1/10th Modern Results for ERCU Members

#1. David Newton - 1400 Points

#2. Chuck Murray - 1325 Points

#6. Ron Forister - 900 Points

#7. Gabriel Kjos - 802 Points

#8. John Bischoff - 732 Points

#10. Bill Smiley - 250 Points

#12. Ron Daum - 25 Points

1/10th Classic Results for ERCU Members

#1. David Newton - 1600 Points

#4T. Bill Smiley - 1125 Points

#4T. Ron Forister - 1125 Points

#6. Bob VandenAkker - 1094 Points

#7. Ron Daum - 919 Points

#8. John Earnest - 869 Points

#11. Geoffry Grembowski  - 794 Points

#13. Gerry Bordon - 552 Points

#14. Gordon Serwold - 546 Points

#15. Craig Bradshaw - 500 Points

#16. Chuck Murray - 375 Points

#17T. John Bischoff - 25 Points

2016 Namba FE Nationals

E-RCU Strongly Represented at NATS!


Chairman's Updates

Teresa Payne, Madame Chairman

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

We are over halfway through the 2016 race season and it’s been a great one!  Thank you to everyone that has participated – racing, corner judging, calling heats, setting up, tearing down – every little thing means a lot.


We have about 5 weeks before our next scheduled club race.  We created this break in the hopes that our members could enjoy some of the events that sparked everyone’s enthusiasm for the sport.


The unlimited hydroplane races are where we all came to love the thunder on the water.  H1 Unlimited is bringing these hydroplanes to our state in the coming weeks:


July 29th – July 31st, H1 Unlimited will be in Tri-Cities for the Columbia Cup.

August 5th – August 7th, H1 Unlimited will be in Seattle for the Seafair Cup.


If you have the opportunity to see the big boats race, we hope to see you there.


August 9th – August 13th, FE NAMBA Nationals will be held at Twin Lakes in Marysville.  We are looking forward to the competition, as well as the improvements being done to make the site more racer friendly.


As our season is winding down, ERCU members also need to start thinking about who they would like to nominate for the open board positions … and if you are so inclined, throw your own name in the mix.


See you on the water!

Teresa, Madam Chairman


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Lake Waughop (Lakewood, Washington) - It was a busy and sometimes rainy day in July for the Jack Regas Memorial. But, unity and the fun returned to Waughop Lake in ERCU's second combined race with ESU. While our contest directors work on the race recap, we wanted to provide guests, vistors to our website a quick debrief of the days events. 14 Vintage Boats and 8 Modern boats siezed the opportunity of the combined race to share secrets, ideas and catch up with one another before a long break in the 2016 racing action. Also, we want to give a quick word of Thanks to ESU for contributing to an amazing day and for bringing the scaffolding, trailer and more fun to the race site. All day long it was battle for some boats and we everyone had some great heats and some heats we wont write about in any recap. However, our Congratulations go to Chuck Murray who won the Memorial with his super fast Miss Houston and Ron Forister who returned to the winners circle for his performance in the 1971 Miss Madison. Additional congratulations goes to Terry McKeon who dominated the ESU Silver Cup with wins in both Modern and Vintage! We look forward to catching up with all of you soon! 

- ERCU Webmaster

Jack Regas Memorial Update

Forister wins Vintage/

Murray owns Modern


Jack Regas Memorial Photos

Vintage Heat 1 is done! Congratulations to Jerry Dunlap in the Hawaii Ka'i III, John Earnest in the Lumberville and Ron Forister in the 1971 Miss Madison.

Jack Regas Memorial Modern Heat 1 Winners! Congratulations to JimmeJames and the Dead Guy Racing Crew plus Walter Roberts IV for his win in the Madison!

Spectacular Vintage Heats for the Second Round. Congrats to The Lumberville, Savairs Mist, and the Tempo VII. Looking to be a crazy finish for the 3rd Heats.

Shake Up in Modern. John Bischoff grabbed his first ERCU Heat Win in The second round! Also congrats to Chuck Murray who returns to the winners circle in the Miss Houston.

Vintage Heat 3's are Done. We have some new winners with the Pay'N Save and the Mariner Too. Congrats to John Earnest who is running a perfect race today with 1200 points! — at Fort Steilacoom Park.

Winners of Modern Heats 3A and 3B. John is lighting up the charts with two firsts and a third. Congrats also to Ron Forister on his win in the 2014 Oberto! Jack Regas Memorial.

Jack Regas Memorial Winner in Vintage. 1971 Miss Madison and Ron Forister. Congratulations on a hard fought race win!

Winner Winner Pays for Chicken Dinner! Congrats to Chuck Murray on his Modern Final win for the Jack Regas Memorial!

Stan Sayres Memorial Wild Ride in Marysville


Twin Lakes (Marysville, Washington) - We are still working on the race recap - but wanted to give guests of a special look at the race before we are done. It was an amazing day as ERCU and ESU racers came together to celebrate Stan Sayers and the history of hydroplane racing. The ERCU day was won by David Newton in both Modern and Vintage classes, with the Graham Trucking and Miss Thriftway. The day also belonged to Tyler McKeon who had a perfect day winning all the heats and the Final in the seventh scale ESU division. Feel free to enjoy some pictures (click to enlarge) as we prepare the recap and update our website.

- Webmaster


Bernie Little Memorial Strong Turn Out "Electrifies" 


(Centralia, Washington) - With 24 boats lining the shore including 14 Vintage and 10 Modern last weekend in Centralia, we celebrated the life and contributions of Bernie Little. For what turned out to be a terrific weekend of racing with yet another day without any wreckage of note and few fouls. Saturday’s course set up gave members another full weekend of testing, tuning and good old practice driving the buoys.

The typical course set up for Fort Borst finds a backstretch that from the naked eye appears to run into a funnel going into turn three but in reality is more of a depth perception challenge and a front stretch that is not parallel to the shore line because the water line along the shore is about 10 degrees off from where you drive. For lack of better words it makes navigating the track tricky as each straightaway and each corner is different. "You’re constantly driving into another unfamiliar part of the track.  No matter how many times you run a lap the challenge is a body of water that has no consistency and thus finding a rhythm is very difficult"- said one unnamed member.

Without doubt the prelims were ran without any issues of relevance and at the end of the day brought out not just some of the fastest but for sure the wisest drivers and teams into the finals. Surviving a bit of wind and a light rain in the morning made finishing your heats with points a premium. One wrong move and a perfect day is lacking points and finding your way into a final is much more difficult.

While racing is our primary motive of the day I cannot write this article without saying a couple of things about who this race is named after. I feel sometimes it's just a formality we name our races in honor of those who had a significant impact on the world of fast boat racing.  Saying Bernie had an impact is an understatement. "HE was the sport for 30 years and you could hardly bring it up without talking about innovation in design safety, marketing and among many things winning.  Little was quoted as saying "If you’re not trying to win, why race?”  

The heat racing was really strong all day with both classes having a consolation race to see the winner of the heat earning a bid into the final as a trailer.  In modern, Bill Smiley and the Charlie's Girl earned the rights winning a closely contested run with Roberts’ Peters and May followed by our very own webmaster driving the Oh! Boy Oberto Gabe Kjos.

The vintage Connie featured the Supertest II which beat out her sister ship from Battleground, Washington - drop sponson birth canal in Dewey’s "Black cat" Lumberville piloted by Johnny Ernest followed in third by the beautiful Mariner Too of Walter Roberts safely crossing the finish line. 

With the Supertest II earning the trailer spot starting 5 seconds off the pace for the final she was never much of a threat finishing behind fourth place Saviors Mist of Charles Murray and third running hard was Kerry Kjos in the well driven Miss Thriftway.  Second in the Vintage Final was a very speedy Hallmark Holmes driven by Robbie Roberts and who else but the Miss Madison of Ron Forister took the Bernie Cup. If any of our club members are left at the end of the day running quick on the inside it’s Ron and the day was no exception as he masterfully made the five lap final his own. 

The modern final was a barn burner with all the fast pickles in the same jar at once as the only exception of Chuck "Hound Dog" Murray not making it off the boat stand mysteriously encountering electrical issues.  Chuck’s Miss Houston is arguably the fastest boat in the field and would likely have had an impact on the race but gave up at the last minute due to the system problems. This left the always sneaky fast Charlie's Girl U-4 of Bill Smiley, the always in the hunt Oberto of Ron Forester and the "Coffin Boat" Valken of Jimme James and the surprise entry 1976 Spirit Of Dayton Walther of Brad Lewis. 

In the end a "Little" Bernie Birdie sat on the shoulder of Lewis and gave him the inside lane which was what the doctor ordered and the not so well known U-77 Dayton held off the hard charging Valken, Oberto then Charlie's Girl for the win. The Dayton had not seen the water for three years and literally got the dust washed off it in testing but ran surprisingly fast with a trusted old Snowman Prop pitched up a bit. 

Overall the day was another good one with back to back races in Longview and then Centralia without accidents. This race was feared to have possible issues with mill foil but with a short set course and some limited clean up on Saturday we were able to make the event possible. Also, a huge thank you to Centralia Parks and the entire ERCU club in attendance for making this race possible! Please find a complete stat result of this race in the Statistics section of our website. Again thank you for a fun day and sharing all the fond memories of Bernie Little together. 


 - Kerry Kjos, John Ernest and Brad Lewis 

Race Details


Welcome everyone to the 2016 Bernie Little Memorial! Testing and Open Water will be available all afternoon Saturday for those who just want to enjoy the afternoon or those who really want to do some experimenting. Come join us. We have many props to try and several balanced and sharpened for sale. Dinner at The Chicken Shack aka Country Cousins after the testing.

Sunday's line up is our typical. 9:30 drivers meeting and Heat 1A to follow at 10am. LUNCH. How can we not talk about our latest tradition of food after the first two rounds. Deli sandwiches will be provided. Everyone please follow the "Gabe Plan" and follow your letter. Everyone else - if you could provide a dish or drink A-H: Side Salad; I-N: Drink; O-Z: Dessert. I love the lunch break. We all work so hard out there working the races we deserve a half hour or so to just relax, talk, mingle and hopefully not have to use that time to fix something.

3 heats open prop (what's new) if you need anything to help you get to the races or get the boat on the water please reach out to me. I mean that as we need you there. You can contact me at if you have any questions or special needs.

Lets have a great weekend together at Fort Borst Park celebrating all the contributions and memory of Bernard L Little. 

 - Brad Lewis, John Earnest and Kerry Kjos

(Longview, Washington) - A warm sunny day was gifted to racers while a large crowd gathered at the Oregon Emerald Cup in Longview last weekend.  A race day focused on the good friendship and memories of our long time friend, racer and faithful scale member Dave Reiser. Dave sadly passed away a few weeks back and the racing was a wonderful tribute to his contribution to our sport and ended up being the back drop of what was more than a race but a gathering of people who share much in common with the love of unlimited hydroplanes and paying respect for the loss of a friend. 

As for the heat racing it was arguably the best racing we have seen in several races dating back to last year.  With few fouls being committed and some very trusty officiating, all boats at the end of the day left the lake without a scratch in all of of the races including the finals.  Saturday Testing proved to be very beneficial to several boat teams and paved way for a successful Sunday of competition.   

In Vintage a modest assembly of boats took to the waters to fight out in the preliminary heats.  Four boats made enough points to position themselves directly into the final heat of day but the real question was who would win the Consolation heat.  Would the winner move into the final, and become the winner of the Dave Reiser Memorial? The line up was the 1968 Savair's Mist with John Howell, long time friend of Dave's who came to have fun and pay tribute to Dave, the beautiful 1963 Mariner Too with Walter Roberts, the ultra quick 1961 Dewey's Lumberville with John Earnest and the all day plagued with gremlins 1964 Savairs' Mist with Chuck Murray.  The 1968 Savairs could not make it off the trailer and the Mariner Too struggled with engine problems in the infield before the start which left a two boat race between sister ship drop sponson boats built over the winter at John Earnests boat shop.  In the end the builder himself, John Earnest, driving the Dewys's took the heat and won the Dave Reiser Memorial.

In Modern another modest turnout gave just one flight of boats per round. Nevertheless, the competition was tough as all the sleds are just plain "freaky" fast boats.  It's one of those situations where you could "switch the transmitters into the hands of the drivers and draw from a hat with who would drive what boat" and the results would still come down to hitting the start and driving the boat smart would bring the winner forward.  Basically every heat race was a final heat.

On a side note of interest our lunch break provided the fastest boat of the day when our very own Fast Electric NAMBA Chairman Brian Buaas paid a visit with his world record holding Open Motor P Hydro.  To give a hint of just how fast this thing is  - it goes 120 MPH in a straight line and sub 17 seconds for two laps.  Only 5 other humans ever have gone sub 17 seconds with any RC model and we got to watch one go.  What a treat!  The boat was "de-tuned" for the body of water it was running on and was still overall 15 MPH slower than its potential but even then gave the audience a serious look at what our electric sport can do. Brad Lewis called for him while Brian drove several laps and his response was "even calling for him was unnerving, I cant imagine what driving it would be like, its really that fast".  A big shout out to Brian for helping with the days events, providing some "break time" entertainment and bringing some of those ABC Snowman Props for the gang to try.  By they way, the propellers work and are available to all members. 

The Vintage finals were made up of the 1960 Miss Thriftway and Kerry Kjos, the 1964 Harrah's Tahoe Miss and Jim Latimer, the 1961 Miss Supertest II with Brad Lewis, the 1963 Tempo VII and Chuck Murray and the Dave Reiser Memorial First Consolation winner 1961 Dewey's Lumberville and John Earnest.  The Modern final had the 2005 Miss Thriftway and Robbie Roberts, the 1983 Tom Wright's Miss Houston and Chuck Murray, the 2011 Valken and JimmeJames Cusworth and the 1982 Oh' Boy Oberto and Brad Lewis. 

At end of the day of Vintage and Modern the finals proved no less than fully entertaining with a group of fast boats.  The winner of both Vintage and Modern were taken by the 1961 Miss Supertest II and the 1982 Oh' Boy Oberto driven by Brad Lewis. Brads comment at the end was simple "We had a wonderful weekend of good racing, testing, friendship, good food and a ton of fun, and to top it off we came out on top taking the cup"   

But the most important takeaway from this weekend was having the good opportunity to pay tribute to our long time friend Dave Reiser.  He will be missed. 

 - Brad Lewis

Dave Reiser Remembered at Oregon Emerald Cup Finals



Oregon Emerald Cup

Images provided by Brad Lewis

Fred Leland Memorial


David Newton wins in both Modern (Graham Trucking) and Vintage (Miss Thriftway) in front of U-100 Team.



(Lake Alice Joy, Snohomish)  - With Fred Leland looking out for us, the early morning showers parted before racing started for the day. Eleven former and current Leland Unlimited team members, including drivers Kevin Eacret and Greg Hopp, were on hand for a great day of comradery and racing with twenty scale unlimited hydroplanes in the pits of the inaugural Fred Leland Memorial race.


Vintage races included clean sweeps through the preliminary heats by Savair’s Mist and Miss Thriftway, with the Tempo VII picking up a heat win in 1C. The $ Bill bested four competitors to win the consolation race and a spot in the final. In the final, David Newton in the Miss Thriftway lead from start to finish, capping off a perfect day. Miss Madison, Dewey’s Lumberville, and the $ Bill followed, while Parco’s O-Ring Miss was taken out of the race by Savair’s Mist. Dewey’s Lumberville thrilled the fans with a second spectacular 360 degree blow over and recovery.


Modern heat races ended with Graham Trucking, Charlie’s Girl, and Valken with two wins apiece. In heat 2A, the only Leland boat in the field, 2005 Miss Thriftway, exploded its battery and went up in smoke. After hard luck in the heats, Appian Jeronimo ran impressively fast laps in the connie, attempting to catch the Miss Houston, but came up just short at the end. The modern final started a bit early for Charlie’s Girl, who jumped the gun, leaving all others trying to run down Graham Trucking. On the fourth lap of a thriller, Valken went too wide, sideswiping the dead Miss Madison and earning a DQ for the day. The Oberto and Charlie’s Girl kept charging, but couldn’t reel in David Newton in Graham Trucking.


Geoffry Grembowski set a great course during the morning rain and once again. Teresa (the last Miss Rock to ride the Rock Boat in the Seafair Torchlight parade) made sure everything went off like clockwork.


Special thanks to all those who came out to honor Fred Leland. He was a mentor to me and an inspiration as an innovator, racer, hard worker, and go-getter. Thanks to unlimited drivers Greg Hopp and Kevin Eacret for corner judging the finals and presenting the awards and to Stacy Briseno for the buttons and t-shirts. Tom Cusworth designed and machined phenomenal perpetual trophies featuring actual gears from Leland Unlimited that Fred designed, built, raced, and ruined, hoping to ensure that the Fred Leland Memorial will be on the calendar for years to come.

 - JimmeJames

Fred Leland Race Images

Images publicly provided by our friends Terri Jo Bala, David Newton and Mike Jones

Get prepared for the 3rd Race of the Season on Sunday, May 1, 2016. Lunch will be served. Contest Director Brad Lewis will provide Real home made Hot Dogs from the Sausage Kitchen with home made Coney Dog Bunns from the Beaverton Bakery. They are the bomb. Everyone else  - if you could provide a dish or drink A-H: Side Salad; I-N: Drink; O-Z: Dessert

3 heats 5 laps. Connies for both classes. Winner of the first Connie for Modern and Vintage will be winner of the Dave Rieser Memorial. Special prizes, including more giveaways, buttons, vintage posters. 9:30 drivers meeting and Heat 1A 10:00AM. 

Our illustrious contest director wants to remind club members that our second race of the season happens on Saturday (4/23/2016) at Lake Alice Joy. Prepare for fun. It has been requested that if you have a long, heavy duty extension cord - please bring it. We will provide sandwich fixings for lunch and it would be great if you could bring a side salad, chips or drinks! Get prepared for one great day at the races!

Seafair Trophy Race


In Modern, Dead Guy Racing and the Valken Seize the Day while in Vintage, David Newton and the Thriftway return to the podium. 


(Maple Valley, Washington) A beautiful Western Washington Spring day welcomed 18 scale unlimited hydroplanes to Cherokee Bay for the first race of the 2016 ERCU season. Fans that couldn’t join us were kept in on the action thanks to Gabriel, who posted pictures and heat race results throughout the day on, as well as the ERCU Facebook page. Despite the sunshine, conditions on the water proved to be challenging throughout the race day.


Vintage Highlights

The 1955 Tempo VII was the first boat to see the finish line this season, the ’61 Miss Supertest II took heat 1B, and ’60 Miss Thriftway won the third heat, with all boats making it safely through the first round. A one-two finish in 2A by two extraordinary brand new boats, the ’64 Savair’s Mist and Dewey’s Lumberville, proved John Earnest knows how to build vintage boats. In the next heat, lanes got way too tight in turn 1 with the Tempo VII launching off a buoy and taking out the $ Bill, who was out front in Lane 2. Miss Thriftway expertly negotiated around the explosion to win the heat followed by the Miss Supertest II. Reigning season champion 1971 Miss Madison collected her first heat win of the year in 2C. The third flight of heats saw repeat wins by Miss Supertest II, Miss Madison and Savair’s Mist. Three consecutive second place finishes was not enough points to make the final, resulting in a Consolation Heat with some very fast boats. Harrah’s Tahoe Miss crossed the finish line in front of the Lumberville and Parco’s O-Ring Miss. David Newton put on a driver’s clinic during the mill for the Vintage Final. As the field was queuing up around the right hand turn, the Miss Thriftway “snookered ‘em,” cutting just inside the buoys and safely entering the field on the backstretch … Lane 1 – check! Miss Thriftway led wire-to-wire chased by Miss Madison and Harrah’s Tahoe Miss, while the Supertest II and Savair’s Mist succumbed to the racecourse.


Modern Highlights

Drivers’ first race jitters were evident as the Modern hydroplanes took to the course. Lanes got all shook up before the start; one boat jumped and before it was over, all but the ’82 Oh Boy! Oberto dumped. You gotta wonder if having three time defending H1 Champion Jimmy Shane and his son Colton watching from the shore had anything to do with it… or with the scale version of his 2014 Oberto cruising to the win in heat 2B, followed by Gabriel Kjos and John Bischoff getting their first rookie starts and finishes in the 2011 Oh! Boy Oberto and the 1999 Appian Jeronimo. Defending season champion Valken was handed Heat 2A… upon occasion all you have to do to win a heat is finish. Appian Jeronimo won heat 2B. Gremlins prevented four boats from returning to racing action after lunch. ’82 Oh Boy! Oberto overtook the Valken to win heat 3.  The Valken overcame a rough racecourse in the Modern Final, motivated by the chance of winning an official Oberto team jersey signed and donated by Jimmy Shane. The 2009 Grandview on the Lake was a close second.


Thanks to Craig Bradshaw and Dan Gilmore for putting on a fun event with good food provided for everyone. Chili, hotdogs, salads, chips, refreshments, and Ron Daum’s ribs were all big hits. Thanks to Jimmy Shane who supported us and provided a priceless prize. Gabriel who takes care of our social media and Madam Chairman, Teresa, for keeping all the boys in check.  See you at the Fred Leland Memorial on April 23rd.

Lake Waughop (Lakewood, Washington) - From 1926 – 1977, the President’s Cup was awarded by our nations President, to the winner owner and driver. The President that demonstrated the keenest interest in the race was undoubtedly Franklin D. Roosevelt, whose love for aquatics is well known. On June 25th, at Lake Waughop, the ERCU President’s Cup was awarded to Gabriel Kjos and Chuck Murray by JimmeJames Cusworth. Well, not quite as “presidential,” but fun nevertheless!

Our President’s Cup featured a “Detroit” style course, with a very tight left turn, courtesy of boat building “guru,” John Earnest. The race was mostly determined by how, or if, you negotiated that left turn, next to the tree branches!

The Modern contest was dominated by Chuck Murray and the Miss Houston. Two first place finishes and a second, going into the final heat. Gabriel Kjos and the 2011 Oh Boy! Oberto had a first, second, and a third, to “spice” things up. Returning veteran Mick Shutt did very well with his 1978 Miss Circus Circus to add to the mix. JimmeJames Cusworth had a tough day with two DNF’s for the 2011 Valken as did John Bischoff who smoked two motors with the Notre Dame.

When the Modern Final clock hit Zero for the start, boats and parts went flying. A buoy stopped the domination of Chuck Murray and the Houston, and JimmeJames and the Valken were left floating for the DNF. Gabriel Kjos and Dead Guy Racing claimed the race victory for the first time in his ERCU career. Mick Shutt and the Circus Circus in their return to racing grabbed a well-deserved second place! John Bischoff and the Appian Jeronimo finally found a motor that would keep ticking to get a fine third place. (Congratulations to Gabriel Kjos and the Dead Guy Racing team. Special Thanks also should go to their coach and spotter extraordinaire Craig Bradshaw, the Oberto builder. Not bad for a boat that almost wound up in the trash can!)

The Vintage hydros saw two heat victories by the Savair’s Mist and the Miss Thriftway, and single heat wins by the Tempo VII and Miss Lumberville. Hiding in those heats was a very consistent Miss Eagle Electric, dusted off and raced by Mick Shutt. Equally reliable was Ben Keller’s Hawaii Ka’i III, driven by Jerry Dunlap.


The Vintage consolation featured the Tempo VII (Guy Lombardi’s favorite ride) and the 1968 Notre Dame, driven by John Bischoff. The Tempo VII emerged the winner, but Chuck Murray gave the final trailer spot position to John and the Dame. A real “sporting gesture.”

The Vintage Final heat saw, Savair’s Mist, Miss Thriftway, Miss Lumberville, the Hawaii Ka’I III and the Notre Dame hit the starting line. The 1960 Miss Thriftway led at the start, but a lap or two later, went outside a dead boat to lose the first place position to Chuck Murray and the Savair’s Mist, who went inside the floating obstacle.

The finish saw the 1964 Savair’s Mist finish in first place, followed by the Miss Thriftway, and the Miss Lumberville finishing in 3rd Place. The Hawaii Ka’I III and the Notre Dame failed to finish the heat. It is also important to note that the first place win by Chuck Murray represented his first Vintage race in ERCU after driving three boats all day. Well done!

The weather was perfect and the setup of equipment was fast, as “everyone” pitched in to help. Gabriel and Teresa Payne also did their usual stellar job of running the show. In other news, ERCU’s Jimmejames and Teresa will be racing the full size boats this holiday weekend in Madison as members of the Leland team, U-99, Miss Rock! Way to go and good luck!

Let’s have an even bigger turnout July 9th as we return to Lake Wauhop and race with ESU. The contest director will be Ben “Hawaii Ka’i” Keller. Let’s all come out to support the race and finish the season strong!

- Kerry Kjos

President's Cup RecaP

Murray/Kjos Win Wild Race


Drivers Meeting Starts at 9:30am. Race Starts Promptly after drivers meeting. Our contest director David Newton's father in law will be BBQing Hot Dogs and Brats.

If your last name ends with A-L we kindly request you bring a side dish - like chips, potato salad or a salad of your choice. M-Z we request you bring dessert - like cookies or something else that is creative. Bring your own drinks. Come join us for a great time!

2016 ERCU Gold Cup -

First Time Winners in Vintage and Modern


September 24, 2016 - Lake Silverado, Adna, WA

Terrific fall weather, great racing, good food, and camaraderie amongst hydro nuts. What more could you ask for? The answer… more boats. The turnout for this year’s season ending race was remarkably slight with eleven Vintage and five Modern boats entered into competition. After testing on the big race course set by John Earnest, each boat was offered excellent water for two laps, vying for the Bill Muncey Memorial fastest qualifier award. Chuck Murray proved to be fastest in both classes with Savair’s Mist in Vintage and Miss Houston in Modern.

Vintage Heat Races

Chuck drove Brad Lewis’ new Nitrogen II to wins in all four of its preliminary heats. Although only qualifying in fifth position, Parco’s O-Ring Miss driven by Gerry Bordon saved it for the races, winning three heats with a second place finish in heat 3C. Hallmark Homes with Robbie Roberts was fast all day, qualifying second and earning two heat wins. Third place qualifier, Dewey’s Lumberville driven by John Earnest, picked up a heat win in 2A. Fourth place qualifier, Miss Thriftway with Kerry Kjos at the wheel, finished in second place three times before winning 4B. Miss Schweppes qualified sixth, pulled off a win in heat 3A and finished second in two others. Gentleman Jim Latimer proved he can drive, putting the Tempo IIV in second place in each of the three heats he entered. Miss Eagle Electric and Mick Shutt ran strong most of the day earning two seconds and a third, also providing entertainment with the longest heat of the day. Craig Bradshaw battled gremlins with his beautiful new Blue Chip, pulling it from competition after two heats so he could enjoy the rest of the day. What happened to the top qualifier? Unfortunately, the first two heats for Savair’s Mist ended in DNF before Chuck pulled it for the remainder of the day, ending his strong run for the Season Championship.

Ted Jones Memorial – Consolation Race

It’s not often when the number two qualifier has to race into the final, but that is where Dewey’s Lumberville found herself after the heats and came away mission accomplished. Walter Roberts IV had a frustrating day with his Mariner Too experiencing radio issues during the heats, but got it together for a nice second place finish. Miss Eagle Electric crossed the line third, while Tempo IIV caught the worst of the action and couldn’t finish.

Vintage Final

Nitrogen II, Parco’s O-Ring Miss, Miss Thriftway, Miss Schweppes, and Hallmark Homes were on the front row, joined by Dewey’s Lumberville in the trailer position. The final provided much excitement with Miss Schweppes, Miss Nitrogen, and Miss Thriftway each getting too much air under the boat and finding themselves waiting for the chase boat, unable to finish. Gerry skillfully drove Parco’s O-Ring Miss around the scattered boats winning his first ERCU Gold Cup, followed by Hallmark Homes and Dewey’s Lumberville.

Modern Heat Races

In this final race of the season, two boats were still in contention for the Season Championship. Top qualifier Chuck Murray and the Miss Houston handed the win in the first heat to second place qualifier Valken driven by JimmeJames, but made up for it getting the checkered flag in heats 2 and 4. Rookie phenom Gabriel Kjos ran great all day, qualifying third and finishing first in heat 3. Walter Roberts IV, steady at the wheel, qualified fifth and piloted the Miss Madison to two second place finishes. Miss Circus Circus qualified fourth and ended the season much as it started, as this boat continued to be a handful - although you’d never know it with the great attitude displayed as usual by Mick Shutt. Although the field was unfortunately small, the Modern boats provided some great racing throughout the day, with only two DNFs. We were joined by Ron Forister, last year’s Gold Cup Champion of both ERCU and Classic Thunder, who came all the way down to the race to bring the perpetual trophy, call some heats, and hang out with friends.

Modern Final

Five laps, five boats, one Gold Cup. The honor to be engraved on the trophy for perpetuity would go to Chuck Murray who drove his Miss Houston to a well driven wire-to-wire win, followed closely by the Valken and the 2011 Oh Boy! Oberto. Miss Circus Circus closed in for fourth just holding off Miss Madison by a few feet. It was a great race, better experienced in person than words can attempt to convey.

Mark your calendar for next year’s 15th annual ERCU Gold Cup. This is one of the events that all racers and fans should plan on attending.