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congrats! our 2020 champions

One of the strangest years in ERCU history ended with three races in the span of four weeks, and crowned season champions in vintage, classic and modern classes.

While the Covid-19 pandemic kept us on the beach most of the year, we were able to get in a couple of races on back-to-back days in July - we decided to make those ones non-counters for high points.

After another two and a half month break, we were able to run three races to finish the year, and they all counted for season points.

When all the roostertails settled, Gerry Bordon was crowned vintage champion with the 1970 Parco's O-Ring Miss. Our inaugural classic champion was David Newton with the 1985 Squire Shop. Finally, our 2020 modern champion was Newton, driving Harry Gatjens' 1986 Miss Budweiser.

Consistency won the day in the 2020 points standings, whether it was consistency of scoring points, or consistency of winning races. One thing that was for sure, it took participation in all three races in order to make it to the top of the season standings.

Newton won all three modern finals and took one of the three classic finals, and his relentless podium finishes in heats helped lead him to the top of the season standings.

Without winning a race, Bordon's consistency led him to the season championship for the vintage class.

Update: Minutes from the March Winter Meeting


March 8, 2020


Waughop Lake, Fort Steilacoom Park during club test & tune day

Meeting called to order at 11:30 a.m. by Chairman Nelson Holmberg



Nelson Holmberg, Jerry Dunlap, Rick Evans, Ron Daum, Len Taylor, Robbie Roberts. Excused: Kerry Kjos. Guest: Bill Mowatt


Financial Report

Ron Daum gave a financial report.

  • Club's bank balance is $1,170.00

  • Rick Evans submitted sponsorship payments for 2020 American Pools ($600) and Pentair ($600), which will bring the ERCU balance to $2,370 prior to the beginning of the season.

  • Ron advised that ERCU needs to consider how race site insurance splits with other clubs will be dealt with, and there was discussion to come to a consensus.

  • Site fees paid to date were $1,275.00 and $225.00

  • ERCU is in a sound financial position


Adoption of Minutes

Moved by Len Taylor, seconded by Ron Daum to approve the minutes of the January 4, 2020 Board Meeting. All in favor. Motion carried


Officer Reports

Scale/Tech Inspectors - There was no report from our inspectors at this time.


Statistician - Len Taylor had no report at this time.


Race Coordinator - Jerry Dunlap reported that all race sites for the 2020 schedule have been reserved and paid for.


Registrar - Ron Daum is ordering the race awards for the first half of the season. Awards will be for first, second and third place as well as consolation winner in all three classes. Awards for Triple Crown Season Series will also be acquired for all three classes.

Committee reports - none


Old/Unfinished Business

Nelson Holmberg reported that the club has purchased and taken delivery of a replacement for the club amplifier.


New Business

A discussion was held outlining race day logistics for the 2020 Champion Spark Plug Regatta at Fort Borst Park, Centralia.

  • 8 a.m. course set up

  • No scaffold required

  • Len to set up and test PA system

  • 10 a.m. drivers meeting

  • Triple Crown time trials for vintage class

  • Racing commences

  • 1/7-scale & 1/8-scale fast electrics are invited to run


Meeting adjourned at 12:10 p.m.


2021 ERCU

Board of Directors


Nelson Holmberg


Rick Evans


Ron Daum


Len Taylor

Race Coordinator

Jerry Dunlap


Robbie Roberts

At Large

Bill Mowatt

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