ERCU is a club that was formed in the Seattle area by a dedicated group of individuals who enjoy building and racing models of some of the great and not-so-great unlimited class hydroplanes from the past and present.

Born from the R/C “Nitro Class” 1/8 scale racers, these new 1/10-scale boats may be the wave of the future. Duplicating the hydroplane racing with a quiet, non-polluting, motor; the “electrics”!

In 2003, Electric Radio Controlled Unlimiteds (ERCU) came into existence, as an organization modeled after RCU, and the younger club has quickly become the world’s largest fast electric scale hydroplane club.




Spartacus Boatworks

Scale RC 3D printed Rolls Royce Merlin and Allison highly detailed engines and parts.

Scales available: 10, 8, 7 & 6