ERCU Members:

First, I want to thank the entire 2017 ERCU Board of Directors and our members for a fantastic racing season. The last year has not been without its fair share of challenges. Our hope for 2018 is that we can come together as a club and continue to showcase the best in scale and competition moving forward. However, this is something that we need everyone’s help with.

As your 2018 ERCU Chairman, I want to spark a dialogue with each member regarding how they want the club to improve next year.  This is the first step in a multi-phase process which will span the next couple of months before our first member meeting Saturday, January 20, 2018 at the Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum. The entire board wants everyone’s opinion and there are no wrong opinions on any matter. Open communication and transparency should be the guiding principles for any organization or club which strives to be successful. This board will not make unilateral decisions without the input of our membership.

Len Taylor, our club’s new secretary, and I will be sharing duties with the website. Len will be working on a member’s only section of the website so that we can communicate, as members, on club business items as well as house our club membership contact list for club purposes. This member’s only section will also replace the ERCU Hydros Facebook page. We will continue to post club announcements to the general public via our public Facebook page and via our website. Additionally, I am working with specific members of ESU and will be reaching out to other clubs to see about the possibility of joint races. But, we still need more help.

We want to solicit your opinion on any changes we can make. Here are some discussion points to get the ball rolling. Less races in 2018?  More combined races with other racing clubs? Specific changes to our club’s rulebook?

This is your club. Let us know your thoughts and opinions and we will combine these and submit a report to the membership for discussion. Use the form below or send us an email to ercuhydros@gmail.com which will forward your ideas to the 2018 ERCU Board of Directors.


Gabriel Kjos

2018 ERCU Chairman