2018 U-1918 Oberto

Owner: Nelson Holmberg (Vancouver, Washington)
Driver(s): Nelson Holmberg

Model Builder: Craig Bradshaw (West Coast Custom Boats),

finished by Nelson Holmberg

Construction: Carbon fiber

Year Built: 2018-19

Motor: Himax 3630-1500

Radio: Spektrum

Electronic Speed Controller: HobbyWing 120

Propeller: Custom metal props

Paint Colors: White

Graphics: Vinyl by Specialty Graphic Solutions (Vancouver, WA)

Notes about the Model: This boat has been a bit of a pride and joy for owner/driver Nelson Holmberg. He's let his "hydro geek" free with this one, having built a hauler, tilt trailer, and mounting the rear wing set on hinges (just like the real boat) so that he could transport it into and out of the pits on tilt, just like the real boats do. It was also entered in the 2019 Clark County Fair as a complete set of the hauler, trailer and boat in travel trim, where it took three blue ribbons and honorable mention for overall entry in its category. Later in 2019, he added a radio controlled crane to his collection, and assembled a lifting sling to display the boat as if it were being lifted off the trailer for a heat.

Notes about the Real Boat: The real boat was one of the fastest boats in the 2018 H1 Unlimited field. Driver Cal Phipps had the sparkling Oberto colors flying during the races at Tri-Cities and Seattle before an unfortunate flip in the final heat at Seattle destroyed the hull and caused extensive rebuild (including a new center section) during the 2018-19 offseason.

Notes about 2019: This boat saw mixed results during its rookie season. There were struggles with the drive line alignment at its first race, but it managed to win the modern connie and finish second in the final at the Champion Spark Plug Regatta in Centralia. The second race of the year brought exactly opposite results as the Oberto claimed the Governor's Cup in Longview. The rest of the year showed consistency, but struggles with speed. Offseason work in the propeller shop is expected to make the boat more competitive in the 2020 season.