Chairman's Corner: Open Letter to ERCU Members

New 2018  E-RCU  Board Members Elected

At the 2017 End of Year Awards Banquet, we thanked board members Teresa Payne and Robbie Roberts for their service to the club and welcomed three new board members (Gerry Bordon, Len Taylor and Gabriel Kjos) who were elected during our recent member vote. Here are the positions for the 2018 ERCU racing season:

Gabriel Kjos - Chairman

Len Taylor - Secretary

Gerry Bordon - Treasurer

Ben Keller - Statistician

Craig Bradshaw - Race Coordinator

Kerry Kjos - Scale Inspector

JimmeJames Cusworth - Technical Inspector

You can reach the board at our general inbox:

2017 ERCU  Annual Awards Banquet

ERCU Hall of Champions - Ben Keller
Len Taylor - Vintage Boat Champion
John Bischoff - Sportsmanship Award
Len Taylor - Contest Director of the Year
Jerry Dunlap - Vintage Improved Driver
Rick Evans - Modern Rookie of the Year
Len Taylor - Vintage Rookie of the Year
Teresa and Gabriel - Much Needed Selfie
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On Saturday, November 11, 2017 – ERCU members and their families got together at the Golden Steer in Kent, Washington to celebrate the 2017 ERCU season. The event was a special occasion to share in stories from the season and catch up on winter boat building secrets. Not only was there a lot of conversation, but a great chance to share in our individual as well as club successes. We want to thank guest speaker Greg Hopp for regaling the crowd with his hydroplane stories and sharing his experience and hopes for the future of hydroplane racing. Along with the members above who were celebrated, there were some who were not present who were recognized for their outstanding achievements.

Modern Champion Boat & Owner

1983 Miss Houston - Chuck Murray


Vintage Champion Boat & Owner

1963 Miss US 5 - Len Taylor


Modern Champion Driver

Chuck Murray in 1983 Miss Houston


Vintage Champion Driver

Robbie Roberts in 1971 Hallmark Homes and 1963 Mariner Too


Modern Most Improved Driver

Robbie Roberts


Sponsor of the Year

RedDot Corporation


ERCU Members and Fans:

I hope that your holidays and New Year's was a warm and inviting time with your family and friends. Thank you to those who submitted your ideas about our upcoming race season. Now that the holiday's are done, the ERCU Board of Directors met in Kent, Washington on Saturday, January 6, 2018. We met for more than three hours and spoke with excitement about the year ahead. It was a fantastic meeting and there was a lot of consensus around the table about the upcoming season and changes we would like to see. First, we want to invite all of you to our membership meeting on Saturday, February 3, 2018 at the Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum. This meeting will start promptly at 12pm and will be proceeded by our second board meeting of the year at 10am. Our final member meeting will take place a month later, on Saturday, March 3, 2018. We cannot race without all of you. We encourage everyone to get involved and attend. 

On the homepage of the website, the board has placed our updated 2018 Membership Application, Intent to Build and Hull Inspection Forms. All registrations must be submitted to the Treasurer/Registrar Gerald Bordon by the conclusion of the March 3, 2018 member meeting. Our race coordinator and the board have worked hard on a proposed list of 2018 race dates. We have worked hard and communicated with other clubs in the area to maximize participation and will be in talks with area clubs about joint races. Once a schedule has been set, we will present to the membership. 

Moreover, we are looking for new sponsorship's for 2018. Chuck Murray has helped by communicating with sponsors and we have some great news we will share when the details are finalized. However, we need your help. If you have any ideas for sponsors, please send those to us or help us out and obtain those. We are here to be of assistance to you in anyway. 

Also, we wanted to let you know about some upcoming events in the area. The Puget Sound Model Boat is hosting two practice days at Lake Waughop - Saturday, January 20, 2018 and Saturday,  February 24, 2018.  ERCU members are welcome to attend and run their boats.  They will have buoys set out.  A $10 participation fee is requested to help offset the cost of renting the lake.

Finally, this is your club. Let us know your questions and/or comments. Send us an email to and these will be forwarded to the 2018 ERCU Board of Directors.


Gabriel Kjos

2018 ERCU Chairman

Season Opener

Championship Spark Plug Regatta


Note: Even though there is a threat of stormy weather, We are going to run the race this Saturday as Scheduled

Get prepared for the 1st Race of the season on Saturday, April 7, 2018 at Fort Borst - Centralia, Washington. Contest Director Kerry Kjos has prepared some amazing prizes for this race which include Champion Spark Plug hats, a cup and some cash coupons for our after race lunch/dinner at Country Cousin (Chicken Shack). In the morning we will have both coffee and Portland's Voodoo Donuts on hand for racers!

3 heats of 5 laps. Connies for both classes. 9:30 drivers meeting and Heat 1A 10:00AM. Course will be set up by 8am for testing. Since it's the first race of the season, make sure that you are early and ready for an amazing season.

In The Eye of The Storm


In a dauntless move, the E-RCU board, threw caution to the wind, Literally, as we decided to race through the "massive" spring storm on Saturday, April,7th.  A good turnout of brave boat racers , met to battle each other and the weather, at Fort Borst Park, in Centralia, Wa.  The race featured an "accident free" day of fun, great sportsmanship, and faster boats in 2018.  JimmeJames won both Vintage and Modern, with his  yellow Schweppes and the black Valken.   Many thanks go out to our board,  who had the "vision" to start the year "right," and race as scheduled. Special Thanks to Jerry Dunlap for working with the local park officials  and providing a great guy (Paul) to "man" the retrieve boat all day !  Congrats to our newest member, Kyle Thompson, who traveled down to race with us from Canada, and for having a "flawless" first race , with his Graham Trucking!  Hope to see all  you racers for round #2, Longview, Wa., on April, 21st, at Lake Sacajawea.  - Kerry Kjos 

Sponsored by Offshore Electric

INSPECTIONS:  All boats must be fully inspected before competition, only if the boat is new or has been rebuilt - see 2018 rules for more information.  If your boat has not been inspected, please complete the top section of the hull inspection form and bring it to the race.  Plan on arriving early to allow time for inspections.  You will not be allowed to test your boat on the water until after it has been inspected.



RACE DAY:  The Diamond Cup is coming up on Saturday, April 21st at Lake Sacajawea in Longview, Washington.  Drivers' meeting will be at 9:15am and racing will begin at 9:30am.  ERCU Chairman, Gabriel Kjos,will be our Contest Director for this event.  There will be Starbucks coffee and some breakfast items for the morning. We will be raffling 4 $25 gift certificates from our friends at Offshore Electric's. Remember that there is no electricity at the pond and everyone will need to use a generator.



BREAK TIME:  There will be a small break for lunch, but we encourage racers to join us after the race for a quick meal in order to be mindful of the long distance that some racers will be driving.



PLEASE BE AWARE:  The Board respectfully requests that all racers review the rulebook before the event.  We don't want anyone to be surprised by calls that may have been overlooked in previous seasons. Here are a few things to remember:


1.       Hold your lane.  There should be 2 feet between you and the boats on either side of you.

2.       Safely switch lanes.  There should be 6 boat lengths (18 feet) between you and the boat behind you, before switching lanes.

3.       Boats on the course have the right of way.  If you are entering the course, wait for boats already on the course to clear you before entering.  If you are entering the back stretch from the middle of the course during the mill, yield to the boats on the course and enter safely behind them.

Thank you and happy racing! See you on the 21st!


 - Gabriel, ERCU Chairman

3rd Race of the Season

Bernie Little Memorial


The main roadway (from Dresden Lane to Waughop Lake) will be closed. Temporary Park Entry will be relocated to the southeast end of the park and vehicles will be using Angle Lane at Elwood Drive to access the main parking lot near the dog park and lake trail.

Contest Director Jerry Dunlap will set up course on Friday. Testing will be open after 8am. We should be able to start the Divers' Meeting by 9:30.


Please Note: When unloading/loading to leave at the race site only 2 vehicles will be allowed access to the race site at a time.   When loading, participants should have all their equipment ready to load and not spending time gathering up their equipment.   Access to the race site is through the opening in the new parking lot at the southeast end of the parking lot. 

Diamond Cup Recap:

Evans wins first Modern trophy;

Kerry Kjos bests Vintage Field to win!

Sponsored by Offshore Electric

Longview, Washington – The second race of the 2018 ERCU season went off without a hitch as it was a beautiful, yet a little windy day at Lake Sacajawea. 14 boats entered the race which was presented by Offshore Electric’s. We are proud to have them as a presenting sponsor – four lucky winners received a $25 gift certificate for their entry into yesterday’s competition. Special Thanks to Paul Dunlap who spent the day retrieving dead boats and doing his Earth Day weekend duties by picking up a piece of garbage on the lake. Also, huge shout out to Nelson Holmberg who not only drove – but took amazing pictures throughout the day. You can see his pictures here: . We will post more of those on our website in the next few days. Many thanks to the spectators who showed up to support the sport, and thanks for an overall fantastic  race.


In the Vintage Class, the first heat of the vintage went well even though the wind picked up as the Schweppes went first and then the Thriftway was second. The Notre Dame flipped on the third lap which made for the third-place boat to be the Miss US with Steven Taylor. The lake then turned into a mini ocean during the heat. All three boats started close before Gerry Bordon’s Parco O-Ring Miss marched to first. The Miss US and the Hawaii Kai were in close competition before the Miss US flipped in right turn. In the second round of vintage heats, it was a wild ride. The Thriftway and the Schweppes were neck and neck at the start. The Thriftway was overtaken by the Schweppes, but the Schweppes veered and dumped the Miss US 5. The Schweppes went dead on the white flag lap leaving the Thriftway to win and Steven Taylor’s Miss US 2 for 2nd. It was a quiet heat in 2B, with not as much exciting action as the previous heats. Gerry Bordon’s Parco repeated as a heat winner for a perfect day so far, followed by Jerry Dunlap in the Hawaii Kai and Rick Evans in the Notre Dame. We had a lot of spectators throughout the day and in the third heat, our spectators started to have a lot of fun. One kid stated” There’s a lot of good looking boats out here today. Can’t believe that boat won.” Gerry Bordon first place winner with the Parco, found that funny, followed by The 1969 Notre Dame and the Hawaii Kai. In the last heat of Vintage, the Schweppes swept the heat for a 1st Place Finish over a just as fast Miss Thriftway driven by Kerry Kjos. Steven Taylor’s Miss US 2 was in third before breaking on it’s owner in the left turn. Steven Taylor’s Miss US 2 survives a fight against the 1969 Notre Dame to secure a spot as a trailer  in the Vintage Final. In the final, the fastest boats of the day competed for the glory of the Diamond Cup. It was a fast heat from the finish with the Thriftway, Schweppes and the Parco all in position. The Thriftway continued in first place throughout the heat keeping the Parco at bay. The Schweppes and the Miss US 2 both flipped which left the Hawaii Ka’i III to take 3rd. Congratulations Kerry!


In the Modern Class, fast boats and smart driving won the day. The Valken and the Miss Madison approached the start neck and neck followed by the Miss US as the Dalton Industries struggled to get on plane. The Madison and Dalton both DNF’d whole the Valken and Miss US went 1-2. In the next heat, it was a Taylor 1-2 sweep as ERCU Chairman Gabriel Kjos wanted some driving experience. The 2014 Spirit of Qatar driven by Steven Taylor bested Dad Len Taylor’s 2012 Qatar. Kjos took third. In 2A, it was a crazy start with all four boats at the beginning to make a great start to the heat. The Valken showed great speed pulling into first. The Dalton Industries was in a battle for second with the Spirit of Qatar before being over taken by the Miss US. The Spirit blew over in the left turn. The Miss US finished second and the Dalton finished 3rd. In 2B, Len Taylor scored his first heat win with the 2012 Qatar. He outdrove Gabriel Kjos’ Oh Boy! Oberto which had a rear stabilizer issue on the wing. Nelson Holmberg’s Miss Madison had a reverse speed control issue which prevented him from starting the heat. The drama continued in 3A since it was an amazing heat with very fast boats. Gerry Bordon and the Miss US won his first heat of the day in Modern followed by Nelson Holmberg’s Miss Madison. Gabriel Kjos and the Oberto came in third while Len Taylor’s Qatar did not finish the race due to a motor mount issue. For the last heat of the day, the Spirit of Qatar was in first place for the majority of the race before blowing over and making way for JimmeJames’ Valken to win the heat. The Dalton Industries was second to finish the heats for the day before the consolations and final heats. We did not run the Model Consolation due to a problem with the Spirit of Qatar which meant that Nelson Holmberg gained his spot into the Modern Final.  In the final, Rick Evans and the Dalton Industries captured the imaginations of spectators and racers alike in Longview as he took home the Diamond Cup. Nelson Holmberg was the trailer and took home second while Gabriel Kjos took home third in the Diamond Cup. The Valken and the Miss US both sacrificed themselves for the glory of the Canadians Victory :)


- Gabriel Kjos, ERCU Board Chair and Contest Director

Fred Leland Memorial Recap:

Valken repeats as Modern Champion;

Parco O' Ring Miss crowned Vintage winner!

(Recap Forthcoming)


2018 Fred Leland Memorial Vintage

  1. Parco's O-Ring Miss

  2. Miss Schweppes

  3. Notre Dame


2018 Fred Leland Memorial Modern

  1. Valken

  2. Dalton Industries

  3. Spirit of Qatar

Bernie Little Memorial Recap:

Valken storms to 1st in Modern;

Miss Thriftway wins second straight race in Vintage!

Lake Waughop - Lakewood, WA: After improvements to the race site and a new parking caused a one year hiatus of racing at Lake Waughop, Ft. Steilacoom Park in Lakewood, seven ERCU members ignored foreboding   weather forecasts to participate in ERCU’s third event of 2018.   As contest director for this race, I would like to thank those club members who attended.  With the limited number of racers, the assistance and co-operation was greatly appreciated.  Although I have served as a CD for numerous nitro and gas powered model boating contests, this race marked by first endeavor to serve as a CD for ERCU.    The detour, due to the repaving of the main road into the park, to access the race didn’t cause any issues.   Well, hopefully there weren’t any ERCU wandering around Lakewood looking for the Angle Lane park entrance.   Water and wind conditions varied throughout the day causing some blow overs, spin outs, and roll overs.  Throttle management was definitely a judicious choice in some heats. 

I was too busy racing Ben Keller’s Hawaii Kai 3 to make copious notes of all the heat races.   Heat 1a featured Chuck’s Nitrogen, The Schweppes, Rick Evans’ Notre Dame and Kerry Kjos in the Miss Thriftway. Kjos went 1st over the Schweppes and both the Nitrogen and the Notre Dame DNF. Vintage 1B saw Chuck Murray’s Thriftway Too, followed by Jerry Dunlap and the Hawaii Kai and Steven Taylor’s US 1. In the second round of vintage heats Kerry Kjos repeated as Heat Winner, while Steven Taylor Placed second. Len had radio issues which prevented him from finishing and Chuck’s Thriftway Too was turned upside down. In the next round of vintage, First Place went to JimmieJames and the Schweppes followed by Jerry Dunlap and the Hawaii Kai. Rick Evans ended upside down and did not finish. The one heat that was memorable at least to me, and probably Kerry Kjos and Jimme James was Round 3, Vintage Class, Heat A.   Kerry nailed the start and lead a closely contested race for 4 ¾ laps.    Entering the left corner of the final lap, I’m not sure there’s a lane 2 ½, but Kerry didn’t leave a whole lot of room for Jimme.   However, Jimmie was able to hold lane 1 and bring the Miss Schwepps across the finish line slightly ahead of Kerry’s Miss Thriftway.   Heat 3B showed what we had in store for fans. Chuck Murray survived the air fest to win 1st. Rick Evans flew to 2nd place and Hawaii kai lost their motor cowling and coasted to a 3rd.Kerry did cruise to a win in the Vintage Class Final when Jimmie flipped the Schwepps.   I managed to finish second in the Vintage Class final when winner of the Vintage Class Connie, Chuck Murry’s Thriftway Too, joined Jimmie in the DNF category.


Modern: In Modern Heat 1A JimmieJames and the Valken outpaced Rick Evans for first place. Chuck “Buoy Cutter” Murray placed 3rd in the Miss Houston. Modern 2A - spectators recognized Chuck Murray’s Miss Houston win followed the the Valken and Rick Evans. Modern Heat 3A. The Valken finished first since Chuck Murray cut a bouy but finished 2nd and also Rick cut a bouy for 3rd.In the Modern Class Final, Rick Evans piloting the Dalton Industries lead Jimme’s Valken, and Chuck Murry driving his Miss Houston into the first corner and held the lead until cutting the point buoy in the left turn in lap 3.   Jimme and Chuck traded the lead a few times with Jimme winning the Modern Class Final. 


- Jerry Dunlap, Contest Director

Jack Regas Memorial Race Details

I hope that every ERCU member has enjoyed the break we had between the first four races and the next set about to begin. I have heard some exciting murmurs about new boats joining us and we are looking forward to the five races in the next seven weeks. This weekend is the start with a race CD'd by Ben Keller and Jerry Dunlap at Lake Waughop. The race course will be set on Friday afternoon to allow for some additional testing opportunities. On Saturday when you arrive to the park, please follow the detour signs to the lake. The City of Lakewood has done a lot of great work and the fans drawn to the races are always a great sight. Testing will be open early 8am with the drivers meeting being held at 10am. Please bring some snacks or food to share with your fellow racers. The Vintage race trophy is pictured below in case you want to set your eyes on the prize.


We are also getting close to our joint race with RCU on Saturday, June 16th, 2018. More details will be posted on Saturday Night, but we hope to see everyone in Longview for that race. The points race is heating up and we can't wait to see you on the lake on Saturday. 

 - Gabriel Kjos, ERCU Chairman

Fred Leland Memorial Recap:

Valken repeats as Modern Champion;

Parco O' Ring Miss crowned Vintage winner!

Twin Lakes Park, Marysville, WA - If you weren’t there, you missed a great race. After the first three races in the 2018 ERCU season were held in dreary weather, the third annual Fred Leland Memorial offered a warm spring sun and great water conditions all day. Camaraderie amongst all racers; some special guests; good competition on the water; sub sandwiches, chips, and cookies for all made for a relaxed and enjoyable day for competitors, friends, family, and several new fans who just happened to be there at the right time.

Every racer in attendance helped with unloading the trailer and equipment set-up while Jerry Dunlap was out setting one of his excellent long courses. He’s set the course at every race so far this year, and it’s no secret the corner buoys are always seemingly perfectly positioned.

After an extended testing session was provided to allow time for a motor and speed control replacement in the Miss US-5, and a redo of the race registration file, everyone was ready for Vintage heat 1A to get started. Hallmark Homes led the field for a few laps, but settled for second behind Miss Schweppes and ahead of Miss US 1. As the boats were positioning in the water for heat 2A, the US-5 radio wouldn’t cooperate, so the clock was stopped to give Len time to swap out the receiver.

Unfortunately for Rick Evans, the long wait wasn’t kind to his 1968 Notre Dame, as it now wouldn’t start, but he said to go ahead and so the clock kept ticking.  During the mill before the start, it became apparent there was still an issue with the US-5, but with some quick mental adjustments Len was able to maneuver the old girl around the course surprisingly well for a few laps. After the Hawaii Ka’i III uncharacteristically went over, Gerry Bordon piloted the 1970 Parco’s O-Ring Miss to an easy victory.

Heat 2A was great fun as Parco’s O-Ring miss chased Miss Schweppes to the finish, followed by the Notre Dame, with Miss US 5 dropping out. Jerry Dunlap drove the pink lady to first place in Heat 2B, Robbie Roberts was second in the 1971 Hallmark Homes, while Steven Taylor didn’t quite get the Miss US 1 to the finish line. Hawaii Ka’i III outshined the field in Heat 3A, with Miss Schweppes and Parco’s O-Ring Miss in hot pursuit. Hallmark Homes was the fastest and, as it turned out, only finisher in Heat 3B. With the heats completed, the points were added up, resulting in a two boat Vintage Connie - the 1959 Miss US 1 vs. the 1968 Notre Dame.  Rick finished, Steven didn’t.  In the Vintage final Gerry Bordon put on a driving clinic, with Parco’s O-Ring Miss leading Miss Schweppes and Notre Dame. Hallmark Homes and Hawaii Ka’i III didn’t make it to the finish.

Gerry Bordon started the day as planned driving the 1974 Miss US to a win in Heat 1A. Rookie Kyle Thompson in the beautifully presented 2017 Graham Trucking was second. Robbie Roberts didn’t finish in the 2005 Miss Thriftway and the Valken was upside down in the right corner for the last half of the heat. The 2014 Spirit of Qatar driven by Steven Taylor won Heat 1B. Rick Evan’s Dalton Industries finished second. The frustrating new boat blues continued to plague Len Taylor’s 2012 Spirit of Qatar. Miss US and the 2014 Qatar both had repeat wins in their second Modern heats. Valken and Graham Trucking were the first losers in each heat. Miss Thriftway picked up a third place finish, Dalton Industries required assistance on the course to make it back to the pits and the 2012 Spirit of Qatar was scratched for the day. In Heat 3A, Steven continued his winning streak with the 2014 Spirit of Qatar crossing the line ahead of Dalton Industries. The Miss US was disqualified for tangling with Graham Trucking in the right turn, ending the day for both. It took until Heat 3B for JimmeJames to “win” with the Valken, as the 2012 Spirit of Qatar didn’t start and the 2005 Miss Thriftway didn’t finish. Rick drove the Dalton Industries to the consolation race win. The Miss Thriftway started, but once again didn’t finish. With the Miss US and Graham Trucking out for the day, Dalton Industries was moved up to the front line for the Modern Final and he led the field into the first turn. Steven Taylor seemed late to the line in the Qatar, but by the corner he was right there. When he realized there wasn’t room between the black boat and the apex buoy, he made the choice to cut inside the buoy instead of taking out the Valken – thank you, Steven. The Qatar followed the Valken for five laps, although ending up third due to cutting the buoy. Dalton Industries finished second… from the connie, nonetheless.


See you at the races,



2018 Fred Leland Memorial Vintage

  1. Parco's O-Ring Miss

  2. Miss Schweppes

  3. Notre Dame


2018 Fred Leland Memorial Modern

  1. Valken

  2. Dalton Industries

  3. Spirit of Qatar

President's Cup: Race Details

ERCU is excited for our joint upcoming race with RCU this weekend! We have fielded a lot of questions and will be available for more if they come up. We see this cooperation as an asset and appreciate RCU letting us race with them. We have informed RCU that we are available to co-drive, turn judge, or help out in any function within our abilities. We will keep E-RCU’s own scoring, and do our best to run autonomously under the wings of RCU. The Grembowski's will be towing the RCU trailer to Longview on Friday, the 15th. The plan is to have the course set up on Friday afternoon. RCU will have a new set of pop off buoys to try out and they will set up a fairly short course due to trees/view, etc.


We run off the grass since there will be no driver’s stand. On Saturday morning RCU will start setting up around 7:00am. Won’t have too much, just the PA, etc. RCU will have a race control point set up as well.


We have a 2 hour test session from 8:00-10:00. For ERCU, there will be some counter clockwise testing sessions as well. When the race begins, we will run all preliminary heats. While ERCU runs three preliminary heats, RCU runs four. The plan is to switch between RCU heats, then ERCU ... RCU runs pretty quickly through heats and it will still be a lot of racing. 

 - Gabriel Kjos, ERCU Chairman

Jack Regas Memorial Recap Coming Soon:

Miss Houston captures the speed to win Modern; Miss Thriftway survives course carnage to be crowned Vintage winner!

Lake Waughop, Lakewood, WA - I’ve served as a Contest Director for many model boating events over many years.   However, for the first time ever part of site preparation for this race was removal of goose “droppings” from the drivers’ area.    A pleasant surprise for the morning portion of the race was the lack of predicted rain and wind.   Unfortunately, calm water and dry conditions did not prevail for the entire day.    A rather brisk wink created very challenging race water conditions for round 3, the two consolation races, and the two finals.

            I managed to do a much better job of “droppings” removal than I did writing down the results of the Qualifying Rounds, Consolations, and Finals.   I do remember that there were 9 entered in Vintage and 11 in Modern.   In the Vintage Final, Kerry Kjos placed first with the Miss Thriftway and Robby Roberts was second with his Hallmark Homes.   They were the only 2 boats of the 5 boat Vintage Final to survive the very challenging water conditions.   Chuck Murry was first in the Modern Class Final with his Miss Houston.   Gerry Bordon, driving Chuck’s Olympia Beer, was second.   Although I called the Modern Class Final, I don’t remember who placed third. *Editor’s Note: It was Gabe!*

            A Few Comments:   Nelson Holmberg brought out his new Atlas Van Lines built from a ML Boatworks kit.   The “Blue Blaster” suffered from the “New Boat Blues” and spent more time with the sponsons pointed skyward than on the water.    Robby Roberts Hallmark Homes ran really well.   Although Robby placed second in the Vintage Final, the Hallmark garnered the most points in Vintage.    The upgraded race site at Lake Waughop is working out very well.    Regrettably, the “Winds of Waughop” created very challenging race conditions for about a half of the event.  

- Jerry Dunlap, Contest Director

ERCU News + Maple Leaf Details


Hot off our joint and successful race with RCU, ERCU is excited to announce that we have extended an offer to ESU to join us for five of the remaining six races we have left on the race calendar. Our board and members all understand that we need to support a hobby and history that we have all loved for so long and are willing to go to any length to ensure that everyone who wants to race, can race. Starting this Saturday, racers and fans may be able to enjoy seeing 1/7th scale boats on our race courses. If there are any questions, we welcome emails to