The early start time is due to needing to be off the water by 4pm as per a race course request.


Race Format


  • Optional time trials (two runs for each boat in a period of at least an hour), will occur during open water on Sunday morning for those who would like to attempt time trials

  • Fastest qualifier in each class wins the Bill Muncey Memorial fastest qualifier award

  • Points will be awarded for positions in time trials, and those points will count in the race totals, and for determining berths in the final heats.

  • The time trials points format for both modern and vintage is: 1st – 100 points; 2nd – 80 points; 3rd – 70 points; 4th – 60 points; 5th – 50 points; 6th – 40 points; Seventh place through last place – 30 points each.

  • Four preliminary heats of five laps each for modern and vintage classes

  • First connies for both classes are the Ted Jones Memorial and count as an official race victory. Winner moves up as the trailer boat.

  • Second connies are the Bob Gilliam Memorial for vintage and the Jim McCormick Memorial for modern. Winner moves up to the first connie as a trailer

  • Second place boat in the first connie is an alternate for the final

  • Winner-take-all championship finals for modern and vintage

  • Vintage class boats may use open props

Lake Silverado (Adna, Washington)

Time Trials Start at 9am!

Heats Start at 10am