Jack Regas Memorial   Saturday june 9,2018

Waughop Lake, Fort Steilacoom Park (Lakewood, Washington)


This race had been known as the ERCU Apple Cup since its inception in 2010, when Ben Keller created the event, complete with an exhibition race drawing as many boats as possible that ran in the 1957 Apple Cup in Chelan, Wash., to recreate that final heat. After Jack Regas passed away in early 2014, Keller requested permission from the ERCU Contest Board to change the name of the event to the Jack Regas Memorial, in honor of the onetime Hawaii Ka’i III driver, who had not only met with Keller to see his models of the “Pink Lady”, but also followed the boat’s seasons in ERCU and ESU. After ERCU high points championships in 2011 and 2012, Keller presented Regas with plaques commemorating the wins.


Jack Regas meant a lot to not only the Hawaii Ka’i history, Keller, and Choral Enterprises, but also to unlimited hydroplane racing in general. ERCU is proud to have an event named for his memory.


2015 Race Notes: ESU will provide scaffolding and set the course. Ben Keller will have both computers at the event!


Race Format

  • Three preliminary heats of five laps each for modern and vintage classes

  • First and second connies for modern and vintage (depending on number of boats).

  • First connie winner advances to the final as a trailer. Second connie winner advances to the first connie as a trailer

    Second place boat in the first connie is an alternate for the final

  • Winner-take-all championship finals for modern and vintage

  • Vintage class boats may run their choice of props

2015 Race Results


Modern Class

1. JimmeJames Cusworth, 2011 Valken

2. Ron Forister, 2014 Oberto

3. Robert Roberts, 2000 Znetix

4. Mike Campbell, 1986 Boat

5. Brad Lewis, 1982 Oh Boy! Oberto

DNF. Walter Roberts, 1999 Miss Madison^


Vintage Class

1. Kerry Kjos, 1960 Miss Thriftway

2. Robert Roberts, 1975 Miss Vernors

3. Ron Forister, 1976 Miss Madison

DNF. Craig Mullen, 1957 Hawaii Ka’i III (Owner: Ben Keller)

DNF. John Earnest, 1962 Gale V

DQ.  Chuck Muray, 1955 Tempo VII ^

^ – Started final as a trailer


Directions to Waughop Lake: 


Race History


Vintage Class Race Winners


2010 — 1969 Pay ‘n Pak Outrigger. Owner/Driver: Jeff Campbell.

Location: Bellevue Downtown Park, Bellevue

2011 — 1957 Hawaii Ka’i III. Driver: Mike Campbell; Owner: Ben Keller.

Location: Bellevue Downtown Park, Bellevue

2012 – 1956 Muvalong. Owner/Driver: Gary Hansen.

Location: Waughop Lake, Lakewood

2013 — 1971 Miss Madison. Owner/Driver: Ron Forister.

Location: Waughop Lake, Lakewood

2014 — 1960  Miss Thriftway. Driver: David Newton. Owner: Kerry Kjos.

Location: Waughop Lake, Lakewood

2015 — 1960  Miss Thriftway. Owner/Driver: Kerry Kjos.

Location: Waughop Lake, Lakewood


Modern Class Race Winners


2010 – 1974 Miss Cott’s Beverages. Owner/Driver: Gary Hansen.

Location: Bellevue Downtown Park, Bellevue

2011 – 1986 The Boat. Owner/Driver: Mike Campbell.

Location: Bellevue Downtown Park, Bellevue

2012 — 1974 Miss Cott’s Beverages. Owner/Driver: Gary Hansen.

Location: Waughop Lake, Lakewood

2013 — 2007 Formula Boats. Driver: David Newton. Owner: Nelson Holmberg. Location: Waughop Lake, Lakewood

2014 — 2012 Graham Trucking. Owner/Driver: Nelson Holmberg.

Location: Waughop Lake, Lakewood

2015 — 2011 Valken. Owner/Driver: JimmeJames Cusworth.

Location: Waughop Lake, Lakewood





latest news

Jack Regas Memorial - Lake Waughop

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Click here to see the current list of all 2019 registered boats:

2019 Registered Boats


The fourth race of the 2019  Championship Series is set for this Saturday (May 18th, 2019) at Lake Waughop. Here is all you need to know to be prepared for the fourth event of the year:


Contest Director

Jerry Dunlap



The course will be set by 8:30am on Saturday morning and testing will immediately follow. It is both and ERCU rule and a NAMBA rule that during practice and boats are in the water, that drivers must have a spotter. Failure to follow this rule will result in a severe tongue lashing from the Contest Director. 

Waughop News:


3 Vehicles at a time are allowed to access the race site to unload and at the conclusion of the event to load up. 


Race Format

  • Four preliminary heats of five laps each for modern and vintage classes

  • First and second connies for modern and vintage (depending on number of boats).

  • First connie winner advances to the final as a trailer. Second connie winner advances to the first connie as a trailer

  • Second place boat in the first connie is an alternate for the final

  • Winner-take-all championship finals for modern and vintage

Here are a few things to remember:

1. Hold your lane. There should be 2 feet between you and the boats on either side of you.

2. Safely switch lanes. There should be 6 boat lengths (18 feet) between you and the boat behind you, before switching lanes.

3. Boats on the course have the right of way. If you are entering the course, wait for boats already on the course to clear you before entering. If you are entering the back stretch from the middle of the course during the mill, yield to the boats on the course and enter safely behind them.


You now should have all of the information you need to be ready for the Jack Regas Memorial. Any questions? Please email the Contest Director.



     It’s a couple of weeks after the race, but I’ve been occupied building a new Modern Class boat, the 1985 BOAT from an ML Boatworks frame kit and neglecting my responsibility to provide a report on the Jack Regas Memorial held back on Saturday, May 18, at Lake Waughop.   I finished building and testing the BOAT(I’m pleased with how it runs) so now I need to get the race report done.


     The Friday morning prior to race day, Bill Mowatt assisted me with positioning the buoys in the lake.   We were greeted with a shoreline clogged 8 – 10 feet into the lake with a green plant growth.   After setting the course, Bill and I used the paddles from my rowboat as shovels to throw the green stuff up on the beach.   I didn’t see much of the green stuff out in the lake when I set the buoys on Friday.   However, Bill and I were the first to arrive Saturday morning and the lake was now filled with patches of the green growth.   There was no way to remove all the growth from the area where we would be racing.    While running wide open during practice water the boats managed to chop up the growth with any noticeable effect on speed or handling.   However, once we began racing it became apparent that if a boat slowed down or stopped after finishing a heat that driving into the green stuff could result with the boat being stuck and unable to move forward. 


    Only 4 boats entered Vintage Class.   After four qualifying rounds, Jimme James Cusworth, driving the 1969 Miss Schweppes, was TQ with 1125.   Kerry Kjos, driving his 1960 Miss Thriftway, was very close with 1100.  The 1970 Parco’s O-Ring Miss driven by Gerry Bordon tallied 925.  With a dazzling 394, I limped into the Vintage Class Final with the 1957 Hawaii Kai.   Remember what I said about getting stuck in the green weeds?   That along with dumping the boat in one round to avoid hitting another boat didn’t do much to garner points during qualifying.   Since there were only 4 boats, there was no need for a consolation race.  In the Vintage Final, Jimme led from start to finish, the Parco encountered issues and DNFed, the Kai ended up placing second when the Thriftway cut a buoy and placed third.    Final point total in Vintage for the day was: Miss Schweppes 1625, Miss Thriftway 1325, Parco 925, and the Kai 649.


    When Jimme James offered to let Bill Mowatt drive the 2011 O’Berto 7 boats were available for Modern Class competition.   Although Bill has limited experience driving 1/10 Scale, he is a seasoned nitro class racer and more than willing to accept Jimme James offer to race the O’Berto.   In one of the best races of the day, Bill beat Jimme’s 2011 Valken to the first turn and won the heat.   Upon returning to the beach after the heat, Jimme said to Bill, “You obviously didn’t hear the boat owner’s directions regarding the results of the race.”   After 4 qualifying rounds, Rick Evans drove his 1972 Notre Dame to TQ with 1425 and second in qualifying with his 1973 Redman Too with 1200.   In what will probably be its last Modern Class race, I collected 1125 points the 1985 Tempus tunnel.  Bill Mowatt was fourth qualifier with 925.  Ron Daum was next with his Grandview on the Lake with 694.  Jimme James with his Valken had 600 and Gerry Bordon encountered radio woes and was able to get 569 with his 1974 Miss U.S. before having to call it a day.  


     With Gerry Bordon unable to race in the Modern Class, Rick offer Gerry the opportunity to race the Red Man Too in the final.   The Notre Dame, Tempus, and O’Berto were the other boats in the Final.   The Grandview on the Lake and Valken faced off in the Modern Class Connie.    Jimme lead the Connie wire to wire and advanced to the Final.   Rick Evans led the Modern Class Final into the first turn and the Notre Dame wasn’t challenged for the 5 lap Final.  Jimme and Gerry encountered problems and didn’t get going.  Bill and I had a close race for second and third place.  The Tempus was holding off the O’Berto for second place and then I cut a buoy in the right corner in the fourth lap.   In his first ever complete ERCU race, Bill managed a second place finish in the Modern Final.


     Final points for the day were:  Notre Dame 1825, Tempus 1350, O’Berto 1225, Red Man Too 1200, Grandview on the Lake 694, Valken 600, and Miss U.S. 569.


     The next ERCU race will be June 15 at Twin Lakes and it is a combination event with RCU.   RCU will be racing 1/18 Scale Nitro, 1/8 Scale Electric, and 1/6 Scale Gas.  Those three classes along with 1/10 Scale Electric will make for what will probably be a long, but exciting day of racing.