• ERCU Chair

ERCU addresses COVID-19 concerns about 2020 racing season

Fellow Boat Racers & fans of ERCU,

With the ongoing concern over containing the spread of COVID-19, the ERCU Board of Directors has been closely following events, recommendations by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), and regulations by Governor Inslee’s office.

With our first race of the season set for Saturday, April 4, we are paying close attention to these issues with the safety and health of our members and spectators in mind.

Since there will easily be fewer than 250 people in attendance at the event, we are not subject to the Governor’s order that events with 250 or more attendees be canceled or rescheduled.

It is our recommendation, at this time (and we do reserve the right to change if conditions warrant) that we keep the Champion Spark Plug Regatta, and all other races, as scheduled until the crisis period is over, or a different decision is made by the board.

We offer the following conditions, in order to keep fairness in place for all, for all scheduled ERCU race events through the duration of the crisis:

  1. The race will be run and conducted by all in attendance at the event.

  2. Anyone who feels uncomfortable or unsafe attending the event is encouraged to stay home.

  3. Anyone who would have to self-quarantine as a result of attending the event is encouraged to stay home.

  4. Anyone who is feeling symptoms of ANY illness is urged to stay home.

  5. The Board of Directors has suspended ERCU high points activity until the Governor’s office and State Department of Health gives an all-clear order. This is being done with the intent to keep universal fairness so that those who cannot, or choose not to, attend events are not penalized the opportunity to win a high points championship.

  6. If the crisis continues through the entire season, there will be no high points championships awarded for 2020.

  7. Conditions will continue to be monitored throughout the remainder of the crisis period and if changes to this recommendation are warranted, the club board of directors will reconsider.

Further, for those who do choose to race, we issue the following stipulations:

  1. We urge “social distance” (no handshakes, fist bumps, high fives, etc., unless BOTH parties are comfortable doing so).

  2. Keep conversations at least an arm length, if not as much as six feet, apart.

  3. Sneezes and coughs should be covered by a cloth, paper towel, Kleenex or into your elbow sleeve or upper arm sleeve.

  4. If you use non-latex gloves for paint/glue work in your shop, consider bringing gloves with you to use at the race site.

  1. Lysol will be sprayed on the keyboard of the computer, club printer, and any other community surfaces, as appropriate throughout the day.

  2. WASH YOUR HANDS thoroughly throughout the day or use hand sanitizer with 60% or more alcohol content regularly throughout the day.

This a very serious issue, and we want all members to know we are giving it the highest level of consideration for the health and safety of our members. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have questions or concerns with this decision.

Thank you.

ERCU Board of Directors