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ERCU Board of Directors Approves Plan to Start 2020 Racing Season

The ERCU Board of Directors has approved a Plan to Start the 2020 Season, with the COVID-19 Restrictions from the State of Washington as its guideline.

Based on the "Washington Phased Approach to Reopening Business and Modifying Physical Distance Requirements", will look to start the season June 27 at Longview or July 11 at Lacey, depending on whether the state has yet reached Phase 3 in the Return Plan.

  • When the season does begin, we will run it in sequential order, regardless of which site it is at. The first race of the year, no matter where we are, will be the Champion Spark Plug Regatta. The second will be the Jack Regas Memorial, and so on. The reason for this is that we have already ordered award plates for these races, and it seems foolish to let them go to waste.

  • At the first race that each member enters during the 2020 season, ERCU will waive all entry fees for that event. This is a show of appreciation to our members.

  • Racing may not resume until the state reaches Phase 3 of the “Washington Phased Approach to Reopening Business and Modifying Physical Distancing Measures”, issued by Governor Inslee on Friday, May 1, 2020. (Phase 3 allows for Outdoor Group Recreation Events/Sports Activities (5-50 people), which certainly allows for ERCU events; This is, of course, subject to the stipulations of local jurisdictions)

  • There is serious consideration being given to extending the ERCU season into October or November, in order to complete the full 10-race season as was originally planned. Stay tuned for more details on this as a new schedule beyond September is developed.

  • At least until the state reaches Phase 4, ERCU pits will be staked and taped to limit access to only ERCU members. This will help maintain definition of the up to 50 people who are participating in the event.

  • ERCU will maintain a log of all members and guests who enter the pits, in order to support contact tracing if needed

  • If a member is not feeling well or has a fever, that member must stay home and not attend the event. This information should be communicated to the board of directors to ensure that contact tracing can be completed if needed.

  • Every effort is being made to not only achieve a racing season for those who would like to race, but also maintain fair standing for those who are uncomfortable leaving home or cannot leave home.

  • Each club member at an event is asked to sanitize common surfaces, computers, printers, hand-held radios, other common equipment, etc., before they leave a workstation. Supplies will be provided by ERCU.

  • Adjustments to this plan will be made according to ongoing pandemic conditions.

Race Site Guidelines

When ERCU reopens for the 2020 season, the following guidelines will be in place, and are strongly encouraged by the board of directors.

  • All participants should consider wearing face masks of their choice (self-provided).

  • All participants should supply hand sanitizer or wipes of their own for personal use.

  • Social distancing practices will be required at least until the state reaches Phase 4 in its Phased Approach. (Pit canopies and tables should be set up no less than 6 feet from the next one; All heats will be limited to four boats (max) in order to maintain social distancing in the driver’s area; All participants must wear face mask when less than six feet apart (i.e. driver’s stand/driver’s area, etc.))

  • While handling boats, all ERCU members shall take proper precautions to stay safe and healthy. (The club will provide a limited supply of disposable gloves that members may use (or provide their own); The club will provide a limited supply of paper towels)

  • Handwashing – to the best extent possible – shall take place using soap and water when available. (The club will make every effort to provide a limited supply hand sanitizer and/or wipes for members to use for hand-cleaning throughout the day; The club will provide a poster of how and when to use handwashing practices)

  • Sanitizing surfaces and club equipment will be required regularly throughout the day (ERCU will provide disinfecting wipes and Lysol for use on the club computer and all club equipment surfaces)

General Guidelines

  • In order to not create discomfort, pressure to attend or unfair situations no season points will be awarded for races until the state shifts into Phase 4 of the Start the Season Plan and all can feel comfortable to attend.