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Get ready for Seafair in Longview!

My Grandpa Holmberg used to love to say "Now we're cooking with gas!" when something he was working on started gaining momentum.

In our case, as a Fast Electric racing club, perhaps the phrase should be "Now we're cooking with electrons!". That's because our own unstoppable ERCU Race Coordinator Jerry Dunlap this afternoon passed along the great news that the club has been confirmed to run its 2020 Seafair Cup race at Lake Sacajawea in Longview!

We'll run the race on Saturday, Nov. 14, and barring any surprises or further late additions, it appears this will be the last race of the 2020 ERCU season.

As usual, we'll have three classes of 1/10-scale racing -- vintage, classic and modern. We'll do our very best to have the course set by 9 a.m., so that there will be a little time for open water prior to racing. But recognizing that November can often time be a little chilly and wet, we'll prioritize getting our racing in.

We'll run, as usual, three flights of five-lap heats for each class, along with the appropriate connies and finals. We'll also conduct the Triple Crown for vintage.

As weird as the 2020 season has been, we're going to count the last three races of the year for season points, in order to crown vintage, classic and modern season champions. So make sure and put this event on your calendar if you want a chance at the high points crown!

All of our COVID guidelines, and those of the state, will be in place for this event as well, so if it's been awhile since you've checked them out, please do...and come prepared.

2020 ERCU Restart Plan (updated 063020)
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