• ERCU Chair

"Let's continue to try"

Updated: Oct 7

Citing new updates from Gov. Inslee's office, board decides to keep trying to go racing

"Let's continue to try".

That was essentially the message from the ERCU Board of Directors today.

Citing the governor's approval of "participant only motorsports" (meaning no spectators) in Phase 1 and Phase 2 counties, the five board members in attendance at the meeting reached consensus that ERCU's activities count as "participant only motorsports". It was also agreed that Jerry Dunlap will reach out to the City of Lacey, and perhaps the city of Longview and Snohomish County, to see whether they will observe the direction from the Governor and allow us to race in their parks.

See the clarification from the Governor's office by clicking here.

If these jurisdictions allow us to race in their parks, the season will restart as of September 12, with the ERCU Gold Cup at Woodland Creek Park in Lacey. If the jurisdictions do not allow us to race in their parks, the suspension of the season will continue through September when it will again be reconsidered by the board.

"I think, as long as the parks departments we work with are amenable, and agree that we are 'participant only motorsports' and see our plan for safe start, we should be able to race the rest of the season," said ERCU Board Chair Nelson Holmberg. "We'll see what Lacey says, and will go from there."

Stay tuned for more information as we learn more. Thank you for your patience with ERCU through these pandemic conditions. We know everyone wants to go racing.