• ERCU Chair

Triple Crown series is born!

We're about to launch into not just another new season of racing, but also a new series!

This past winter, the ERCU Board of Directors created a Triple Crown series for each division. The idea is to encourage participation in vintage, classic and modern at each event.

Here's how it will work:

  • At each race, immediately after the drivers meeting, there will be a period for a two-lap time trial including only the boats for the class of the day (i.e. Champion Spark Plug Regatta will be vintage only; Jack Regas Memorial will be classic only, etc.).

  • The six fastest in the time trials will run in a Triple Crown Dash for points at the end of the day.

  • Points will be the same as regular racing (1st place = 400; 2nd = 300; 3rd = 225; 4th = 127; 5th = 95.

  • Time trials points will be awarded the same as H1 Unlimited (1st = 100; 2nd = 80; 3rd = 70; 4th = 60; 6th = 50; 7th through last = 30 each).

  • All points earned will accumulate toward the Triple Crown championship.

  • Each class will have three Triple Crown events during the course of the season. There will be no Triple Crown event at the ERCU Gold Cup.

  • The boat in each class with the most Triple Crown points at the end of the season will win a special trophy.

  • Vintage Triple Crown events will be at the Champion Spark Plug Regatta, Seafair Cup, Governor’s Cup.

  • Classic Triple Crown events will be at the Jack Regas Memorial, Roger Newton Memorial and President’s Cup.

  • Modern Triple Crown events will be at the Diamond Cup, Fred Leland Memorial and Stan Sayres Memorial.

  • Points earned in the Triple Crown Series will NOT count toward the regular season points standings.

So pack up your vintage and classic boats for the first race weekend of the season, June 27-28 in Longview, and bring ‘em out to compete in ERCU’s new Triple Crown Series, as well as the doubleheader race weekend.