• ERCU Chair

Triple Crown Series is born to encourage all three classes

At the ERCU January Winter Meeting, the board of directors agreed to try something new, and created the Triple Crown Series, approving the idea presented by Rick Evans.

The new series will provide a little extra racing at each of the first nine races of the year, and each will feature either vintage, classic or modern boats.

The Triple Crown Series will be based on a mixture of time trials points and one heat. These points will not count toward the ERCU high points championship - only they Triple Crown.

Each Triple Crown "event" will consist of a two-lap time trial run for each boat that chooses to compete, which will be held immediately after the drivers meeting. A five lap final heat, featuring the fastest boats (limited to six) in the time trials will also be held. Regular unlimited hydroplane scoring will apply to the Triple Crown final heats. Triple Crown final heat shall be the last heat of racing of that event.

Boats in each class, with the most accumulated Triple Crown points during the season will be crowned the Triple Crown champions.

  • At races 1, 4 and 7, vintage boats will run for the Triple Crown.

  • Classic boats will run for the Triple Crown at races 2, 5 and 8.

  • Modern hulls will compete for the Triple Crown at races 3, 6 and 9.

There will be no Triple Crown racing at the ERCU Gold Cup.

Each boat in its class of that particular event shall participate in a two-lap time trial to be held after the open water testing period and the drivers meeting.

Points shall be awarded for time trial result and count toward Triple Crown standings, as follows:

  • 1st 100 points

  • 2nd 90 points

  • 3rd 80 points

  • 4th 70 points

  • 5th 60 points

  • 6th 50 points

  • 7th through 10th. 30 points