President's Cup   SATURDAY JUNE 16, 2018

Lake Sacajawea (Longview Washington)


Race Format

  • Three preliminary heats of five laps each for modern and vintage classes

  • First and second connies for modern and vintage (depending on number of boats).

  • First connie winner advances to the final as a trailer.

  • Second connie winner advances to the first connie as a trailer

  • Second place boat in the first connie is an alternate for the final

  • Winner-take-all championship finals for modern and vintage

  • Vintage class boats may use open prop

2015 Race Results


Modern Class

1. Ron Forister, 2014 Oberto

2. Robert Roberts, 2000 Znetix

3. Walter Roberts, 1999 Miss Madison

4. Chuck Murray, 1983 Miss Houston


Vintage Class

1. Ron Forister, 1971 Miss Madison

2. Criag Bradshaw, 1954 Wha Hoppen Too

DNF. Chuck Murray, 1955 Tempo VII

DNF. Robert Roberts, 1975 Miss Vernors

DNS. Mick Shutt, 1968 Miss Eagle Electric


Directions to Lake Sacajawea:


Race History


Vintage Class Race Winners


2012 — 1960 Miss Burien. Owner/Driver: Robbie Roberts.

Location: Silverado Lake, Adna, Wash.

2013 — 1971 Miss Madison. Owner/Driver: Ron Forister.

Location: Silverado Lake, Adna, Wash.

2014 – 1960 Miss Thriftway. Owner: Kerry Kjos. Driver: David Newton.

Location: Lake Sacajawea Park, Longview, Wash.


Modern Class Race Winners


2012 – 1999 Miss Madison. Owner/Driver: Ron Forister.

Location: Silverado Lake, Adna, Wash.

2013 — 2010 Oh Boy! Oberto. Owner/Driver: Craig Bradshaw.

Location: Silverado Lake, Adna, Wash.

2014 — 2012 Graham Trucking. Owner/Driver: Nelson Holmberg.

Location: Lake Sacajawea Park, Longview, Wash.





History of the Real Governor's Cup (Madison Regatta)


The Lucas Oil Indiana Governor's Cup or Madison Regatta, is a hydroplane boat race and is the first official race of the Air National Guard H1 Unlimited Series season.The race is typically held around Fourth of July weekend on the Ohio River in Madison, Indiana, USA. Madison has hosted the Madison Regatta annually since 1951, although the race was also contested in the 1930s. The race inspired a Hollywood motion picture in 1999 titled Madison which starred actor Jim Caviezel.


Informal racing took place in Madison, Indiana as early as 1911. But the first major race didn't occur until 1929. That was when the now-defunct Mississippi Valley Power Boat Association conducted a race for the 725 Cubic Inch Class, which evolved into the Unlimited Class after World War II. The MVPBA conducted the Webb Trophy at Madison in 1930. The Webb Trophy was the MVPBA equivalent of the APBA Gold Cup--their top award.


The 725s raced at Madison throughout the 1930s until the disastrous Ohio River flood of 1937 and World War II brought down the curtain for a while.

The current series of regattas in Madison began in 1949. This was a "wildcat" race, administered by the Ohio Valley Motor Boat Racing Association of Cincinnati. The largest class present was the 225 Cubic Inch Class.


The first Unlimited race took place in 1950. The Unlimited races at Madison in 1950-51-52-53 were one-heat multi-class free-for-all affairs. They didn't count for National High Points.


The first High Points Unlimited race at Madison occurred in 1954. This came about largely through the efforts of Madison Courier columnist Phil Cole. (A High Points Unlimited race must be scheduled for a minimum of two heats with at least four boats making a legal start.)


Madison had an uninterrupted string of High Points Unlimited races every year from 1954 through 2012. The 2013 races were canceled because of flooding on the Ohio that covered the pit area, although the land-based events associated with the regatta went on as scheduled.


The Madison committee is the longest continuously active Unlimited committee in the country. Madison Regatta, Inc. (formerly the Madison Boat Club) has hosted the Unlimiteds every year since 1950 (except in 2013, when the boats made it to Madison but the river didn't allow racing). Seattle didn't start until 1951. Detroit has been on the circuit since 1946, but with four different committees.


A total of 54 major Unlimited races (excluding the free-for-all races) have been run at Madison since 1954.


We joined R/C Unlimiteds, our nation’s oldest and largest Scale Unlimited club, for the fifth event of our 2019 season at Twin Lakes Park in Marysville. The day began under cloudy skies that quickly cleared for a bright sunny near windless day. The water was perfect for racing all day long. Overall participation was reduced due to High School and College graduation, summer vacations and it being the day before Father’s Day. In any event, there were nearly thirty boats in four classes in the pits for the start of racing: One heat of 1/6 Scale Gas, two heats of 1/8 Scale Electric (FE), two heats of 1/10 Scale (1 Vintage and 1 Modern) followed by four heats of 1/8 Scale Nitro.


Racing proceeded smoothly with little carnage for a day of four preliminary heats followed by Consolations and Finals. As you might guess, The ERCU draw was the same all day long and everyone made the Final. Our Contest Director for the race, Gerry Bordon, elected to make this a points race.


The Vintage Final lineup was topped by the Parko’s O-Ring Miss driven by Gerry Bordon with 1500 points, followed by the Robbie Roberts 1971 Hallmark Homes with 1300 points, Ron Daum and the Miss US1 followed with 619 while the Hawaii Kai III driven by Jerry Dunlap filled out the field with 394 points. The four boats all had a great start with Hallmark leading into first turn on the inside. Parko came out of the first turn in second followed by US1 and the Kai. The two Karelsen’s quickly outpaced the Jones and Arena hulls. The Kai missed a buoy trying to get inside fo the US1 and the parade was on. Robbie Roberts and the Hallmark Homes won the final but finished second overall behind Gerry Bordon’s top scoring Parko’s O-Ring Miss by 100 points. Miss US1 claimed third with 844 points total and Hawaii Kai III fourth totaling 563 points for the day.


Rick Evans entries represented two thirds of the Modern entries for the daywith his 1972 Notre Dame and 1973 Red Man Too. Jerry Dunlap provided the third boat of the field with his 1986 U-100 The Boat. Rick elected to have Gerry Bordon drive his Red Man. Unfortunately for Rick, the Notre Dame was plagued by electronic gremlins all day. After five heats of racing Jerry Bordon driving a very fast and smooth running Red Man Too had a perfect day scoring 2000 points and taking the win. Jerry Dunlap and The Boat was equally impressive with an overall second Place scoring 1500 points. Not surprising, Notre Dame finished third. Rick Evans was the big winner here as the owner of both the winning and third place boats.


A big thank you and well done to our members who helped with the officiating during the day and with tear down at the end of the day. Thanks again to our Contest Director Gerry Bordon for supplying coffee and doughnuts. Lastly and most important, we would like to than R/C Unlimiteds for hosting us at their event. Good sportsmanship and comradery was had by all.

- Ron Daum