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Nelson Holmberg


Rick Evans

Race Coordinator

Jerry Dunlap


Len Taylor

Technical Inspector

Robby Roberts

Scale Inspector

Kerry Kjos


Ron Daum




On December 15, 2018, the ERCU Board of  Directors approved a ten race schedule for the 2019 year. We hope that you will join us by running in our 1/10th scale class or our 1/7th scale class this year.


ERCU has four classes of registered boats. These include 1/10th Scale Vintage and Modern and 1/7th scale Vintage and Modern boats. Since 2004, the goal of Electric Radio Controlled Unlimiteds (ERCU) is to replicate the look and competition of real unlimited hydroplane racing. Boats are replicas of the real boats that have raced on the unlimited circuit. The club will emphasize scale accuracy and quality workmanship as well as enjoyable competition on the water.


Looking for membership and registration forms?

2019 NAMBA membership, intent to build forms, master hull rosters and our 2019 rulebook are important resources for E-RCU Members. You can also download these directly by using your mouse to hover over the "2019 ERCU" section above or by clicking the "Resources" button below.


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