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congrats! our 2019 champions

While the offseason has already been pretty busy, and productive, we haven't yet taken the appropriate time to fully recognize our 2019 High Points Champions.


So let's do it now.


A big pat on the back to both JimmeJames Cusworth and Rick Evans for their championships in our most recently completed season.


Rick won the modern class high points shield in 2019, driving his brand new 1973 Red Man Too. JimmeJames won it with his tested and proven 1969 Miss Schweppe's. These guys drove their butts off at each race, and with very fast boats, they made it difficult for anyone else to keep pace with them in many cases.


It's truly great to have gentlemen like Rick and JimmeJames in the club, raising the level of competitiveness race in and race out.

Update: Minutes from the January Winter Meeting


January 4, 2020


Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum

Meeting called to order at 11:10 a.m. by Chairman Nelson Holmberg



Nelson Holmberg, Jerry Dunlap, Rick Evans, Ron Daum, Len Taylor, Robbie Roberts. Excused: Kerry Kjos. Guests: John Earnest, Ben Keller, Steven Taylor


Financial Report

Ron Daum advised our current bank balance is $2,631.10 with outstanding invoices for equipment renewal to come.


ERCU is now a registered Non Profit Organization in State of Washington. ERCU now has a business banking account with the Bank of America. The board expressed its appreciation to Ron Daum for his work to make this happen.


Adoption of Minutes

Moved by Len Taylor, seconded by Jerry Dunlap that to approve the minutes of the December 8, 2019 Board Meeting. All in favor. Motion carried


Officer Reports

Scale/Tech Inspectors - Inspection forms to by kept by owners and presented upon request By the ERCU Inspectors or Board of Directors.


Suggested that inspection takes place upon completion of the hull and where a variance is required it shall be the owner's responsibility to apply for the variance as well as submitting the boat for any required re-inspection.


Statistician - Len Taylor thanked Nelson for his help in updating the ERCU website


Race Coordinator - Jerry Dunlap presented the tentative schedule for review. Jerry is dealing with site insurance in co ordination with other clubs. Moved by Rick Evans, seconded by Len Taylor that we pay and additional $100 for the Waughop race to ensure we have the site without a 3 p.m. finish deadline. All in favor. Motion carried.


Registrar - As of January 4, we have 16 paid members with 11 vintage, 11 classic and 6 modern boats. There was reason for optimism there would be double the number of modern boats registered by the start of the season. It is ERCU's intention to run all three classes of 1/10th scale in 2020.


Committee reports - none


Old/Unfinished Business

Nelson has purchased a 32” television monitor so we can post our race draws on screen throughout the day. It is also our intention upon the completion of the days racing to have printed copies of the preliminary heat results as well as consolation and final results for each member.


Steven Taylor has submitted invoices for trailer repair, Nelson has submitted for printer and TV monitor for reimbursement, Jerry has submitted for race sites. Moved by Rick, seconded by Len, to purchase two life preservers for the recovery boat. Ron said he would pick up the new life jackets. All in favor. Motion carried.

Sponsorship Update

With Island Watershapes donation of $500 we have a commitment from Pentair and

American Pools for 2020. Rick to complete.

Triple Crown Series

Rick submitted a proposal for a separate Triple Crown Series in each of the three racing classes. Points in the Triple Crown Series do not count toward Season points totals.

Moved by Rick seconded by Len to adopt the Triple Crown Series for 2020 as outlined in the proposal. All in favor. Motion carried.


Trailer and Boat Repairs

Steven Taylor has completed the repairs to the trailer and is currently working on the repairs to the boat oarlocks.


New Business

Rick Evans submitted a proposal that the current bylaws be changed to require that the general membership shall vote on all Racing Rule changes. Rick and Nelson to coordinate the wording of the proposed changes and submit to the next meeting prior to going to the membership for a vote to adopt the changes.


Discussion regarding a request that ERCU members (or visitors) who have 1/8-scale boats as well as their 1/10-scale boats, be allowed to run the 1/8th scale boats at ERCU events. No 1/8-scale registration shall be required. Nelson to reach out to RCU as to ERCUs intentions. Moved by Robbie seconded by Rick E to allow the running of 1/8-scale boats at ERCU races. All in favor. Motion carried.


Questions regarding the commitment of the 1/7-scale boats running with ERCU in 2020. So far no 1/7-boats registered for the 2020 season. Nelson will reach out to Craig Mullen to try and get an idea what the groups intentions are for 2020.


Discussion was held regarding the Roger Newton Show at the HARM February 15, 2020.  Please bring tables and set up together as ERCU.


Meeting adjourned at 1:10 p.m.


2020 ERCU

Board of Directors


Nelson Holmberg


Rick Evans


Ron Daum


Len Taylor

Race Coordinator

Jerry Dunlap

Technical Inspector

Robbie Roberts

Scale Inspector

Kerry Kjos