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congrats! our 2020 champions

One of the strangest years in ERCU history ended with three races in the span of four weeks, and crowned season champions in vintage, classic and modern classes.

While the Covid-19 pandemic kept us on the beach most of the year, we were able to get in a couple of races on back-to-back days in July - we decided to make those ones non-counters for high points.

After another two and a half month break, we were able to run three races to finish the year, and they all counted for season points.

When all the roostertails settled, Gerry Bordon was crowned vintage champion with the 1970 Parco's O-Ring Miss. Our inaugural classic champion was David Newton with the 1985 Squire Shop. Finally, our 2020 modern champion was Newton, driving Harry Gatjens' 1986 Miss Budweiser.

Consistency won the day in the 2020 points standings, whether it was consistency of scoring points, or consistency of winning races. One thing that was for sure, it took participation in all three races in order to make it to the top of the season standings.

Newton won all three modern finals and took one of the three classic finals, and his relentless podium finishes in heats helped lead him to the top of the season standings.

Without winning a race, Bordon's consistency led him to the season championship for the vintage class.

Please weigh in as it concerns motors

We are finding ourselves in a situation different than we were in during the winter of 2010-11 when we changed the motor rule to include the Himax 1500kv, ProBoats Dynamite 1500kv and the Aquacraft 1500kv, which all were 3630-1500 motors that were readily available on the market.

  • Today, we have just Himax motors available as 3630-1500s, since the Dynamite 1500kv and Aquacraft 1500kv motors are no longer in production.

  • Himax motors have had quality and distribution inconsistencies and have become difficult to find, at times, in the numbers we’ll need them

  • As a result of a lengthy conversation about motors, the club board recommended a member review of the NAMBA P-Limited approved motors, which most closely match the motors we use.

  • This rule (on page 108 of the NAMBA rulebook) states “Motors shall be of an inrunner design and shall not exceed the following dimensions: a) Length: 60mm (2.362 in.), this includes any bearing protrusion; b) Diameter: 37mm (1.457 in.)

  • Use of this rule would mean the motors we currently run ARE still legal.

  • It also would mean the upper end kv limit on motors would be eliminated

  • It would additionally mean that a much larger stock of motors would become available to racers.

  • There has been significant testing done on a long laundry list of motors, by Darin Jordan. The results of which were published in the June 2018 issue of Propwash.

  • Ultimately, the difference in kv is made up by boat setup and propellers.

  • At this point, no formal decision has been made, but the club board is asking for feedback from members about changing the motor rule. We will take all club member feedback into consideration at the next Winter Meeting, Sunday, Dec. 13 at 11 a.m.


Please weigh in with your opinions by clicking here and providing your comments to the board. We'll collect responses submitted by December 11 and consider them prior to the Winter Meeting.


Members are certainly welcome to also join in on that meeting and weigh in with their opinions, but we’d like to be able to study feedback prior to the meeting as much as possible, so please do provide feedback prior to the meeting.

Image courtesy of NAMBA Rulebook


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