Model Builder: West Coast Custom Boats & Nelson Holmberg

Construction: Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass

Year Built: 2014

Motor: Himax 3630-1500

Radio: Spektrum

Electronic Speed Controller: Sea King 120

Propeller: CNC Aluminum

Paint Colors: Red, black, yellow, blue

Graphics: Vinyl by IGN (Vancouver, Wash.)


Notes about the Model: This model was built as a static display for Jim Bakke in the winter of 2013-14. Nelson Holmberg took a blank West Coast Custom Boats modern hull and turned it into the 2013 Graham Trucking that won the national championship that year with Jimmy Shane at the wheel. Bakke and Holmberg were teammates on the Graham Trucking crew that season - Nelson's first of three full seasons with the team. In 2020, Bakke decided he wanted to see his boat race, so it's in the process of being converted to a race hull and should be ready for the 2020 ERCU season..


Notes about the Real Boat: The 2013 Graham Trucking is the final Miss Budweiser ever built. Affectionately known as "T-6", the hull is among the most successful raceboats in the history of the sport. It's won multiple Gold Cups, National Championships and more than a dozen races. Owned by Ted Porter from 2006-2016, the team was regularly among the top two teams in the sport and won five of six World Championships in Doha, Qatar.


Notes about 2020: It is planned for this boat to debut at the ERCU Champion Spark Plug Regatta this season, and run as many races as possible during the 2020 season. It will be co-driven by Holmberg and Mick Shutt this season.

2013 Graham Trucking

Owner: Jim Bakke
Driver(s): Nelson Holmberg & Mick Shutt