Chairman's Updates

Teresa Payne, Madame Chairman

INSPECTIONS:  All boats must be fully inspected before competition.  If your boat has not been inspected, please complete the top section of the hull inspection form and bring it to your first race.  Plan on arriving early to allow time for inspections.  You will not be allowed to test your boat on the water until after it has been inspected.



RACE DAY:  The Seafair Trophy Race is coming up on Sunday, April 3rd, 2016 at Cherokee Bay in Maple Valley.  Drivers' meeting will be at 9:30am and racing will begin at 10:00am.  



BREAK TIME:  There will be at least a 30-minute break for a potluck lunch. See the RSVP for details. Potluck Items (By Last Name): A-H (Bring a Main Dish) I-N (Bring a Side and Drink)O-Z (Bring a Dessert)



PLEASE BE AWARE:  The Board respectfully requests that all racers review the rulebook before our first event.  We don't want anyone to be surprised by calls that may have been overlooked in previous seasons.  In my last message, I pointed out 5 simple things that you can do to work towards our goal of clean racing and good sportsmanship.  This time, I would like to point out a few examples of things to remember:


1.       Hold your lane.  There should be 2 feet between you and the boats on either side of you.

2.       Safely switch lanes.  There should be 6 boat lengths (18 feet) between you and the boat behind you, before switching lanes.

3.       Boats on the course have the right of way.  If you are entering the course, wait for boats already on the course to clear you before entering.  If you are entering the back stretch from the middle of the course during the mill, yield to the boats on the course and enter safely behind them.



The first ERCU General Membership* meeting of the 2016 season will be held on Saturday, January 9th, 2016, at 12:00pm in the library at the Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum.


ERCU Board meeting will be held prior to the General Membership meeting in the same location at 10:00am.


Also - a final reminder - all boats not registered by the end of the meeting on January 9th, 2016, whether the boat raced in the 2015 season or not, will be up for grabs by any club member.


Thank you and Happy New Year!


Membership and Boat Registrations

Due January 9th, 2016


The time for preserving the registration of your boats is coming to an end.  According to rule C5, “All boats not re‐registered by January 2 shall be considered unregistered and available for registration.”


To accommodate those who wish to make payment in person, your Contest Board has agreed to extend this date until the Membership Meeting on January 9th, 2016.  To ensure you maintain the registration of your favorite boat, you must submit your registration form by this date.


Any new boats, or boats that didn’t make three races in 2015, are open for registration now to anyone that is interested, on a first-come-first-serve basis.


The Membership Application form is available under the Resources tab on the website,  Print out the form, grab a pen, and fill it out with the boats you want to register.  Sign the form and send it, along with payment, to your Honorable Treasurer/Registrar, John Earnest. The address is at the bottom of the form.  This will take less than ten minutes.


All boats not registered by the end of the meeting on January 9th, 2016, whether the boat raced in the 2015 season or not, will be up for grabs by any club member.

We have received word that long time RCU and ERCU racer, Dave Reiser has passed. We will provide updates on service arrangements. Please keep Mario and his family in your thoughts.



Please save the date, and tell all your R/C model friends...

9th Annual Roger Newton R/C Model Hydro Show Saturday, February 13th, 2016 at the Hydroplane Museum. Participants are asked to donate $5 per person to help defray the use of the facility. Please bring your models and your own table. Set-up time is from 10:00 am. The Show is advertised to the Public as being from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. Hot lunch will be available for purchase. This event is sponsored by local unlimited hydroplane club UNLIMITEDS  UNANIMOUS. Check our web site, FREE online at  We hope you will list the Show in your club newsletters and on your R/C Model web sites.


I will be sending a news release about the Show to all local Media in mid-January to promote attendance. Thanks a lot! -Bob Senior for Unlimiteds Unanimous










Giant Power has made the NAMBA 2 lap oval record list. Congratulations to Brad Lewis for setting a new 10th scale Unlimited modern class record. Brad beat the old record by over 2.5 seconds. The boat was powered by Giant Power 5000mAh 2 cell 65C packs in series. Great job Brad!